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i was inspired by bioshock to try and figure out how they make blood look so real.


After a long time fumbling around with photoshop, to get a good looking liquid surface tension normal map, i think i got a fairly good result. The key though that I found out was blood doesn't have a white or red specular highlight, it's blue. Anyways, here's the results of my testing. :)




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Yeah, the tops of the small droplets are flat. Blood isn't like that (I know, I'm diabetic and I draw it three times a day); it's thick and you have to get a pretty big blob before you have a flat surface.


You're close, though. It's good enough to make me recoil. Like Monet (I think) who said when he was painting a young woman he knew it was right when he got the urge to pinch her cheek.

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i just figured out that my gradient formula for the surface falloff was backwards... so it looks super sharp for the edge. It's late right now so i'm not going to set up a render, but the difference in just the normal maps clearly shows that the new normal map is more like a liquid. the drops now look like drops instead of bottle caps :lol:



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