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how to change the collapse/expand shortcut key?


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I've been changing some of the shortcut keys so I can work on my laptop which doesn't have the numeric keypad. One key I want to remap but can't seem to find in Tools/Customize/Keyboard tab is the "*" key, which Expands/Collapses the PWS. Is it not exposed or am I missing it?




EDIT: sorry for posting this here and not New Users. I was here looking at the existing Keyboard shortcut list!

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Guest Akondatjeva
I dont think you can change vertices color.

The model you are working on have how many faces ?
I have some 1200 faces models, and it remains workable for me.
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Actually in the interface you can. It is at Tools > Cusotmize > Appearance and in the Dropdown you can find "Control Points" and change its color.
But is there a reason why you did post this here?

Best regards

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