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    I want to make 2d animation cartoons. I have made 13 episode's of my cartoon on paper, and developed each of the 3 main characters personality's to a tee. Now to spend 4 years in a box to make it happen.
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    ASUS Vento Case, ATHLON64x2(dual core), Aspire 680W Power Supply,2048MB , DUAL (2)NVIDIA Geforce 7800 GT 256MB 16X PCI Express Video Card, 500GB Hard Drive. I GOT DUAL 19" SAMSUNG SYNCMASTER 930B's THIS WEEKEND 8MS RESPOSE TIME I LOVE THEM!!!

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    chicago area U.S.
  1. AH! You are very right, BUT learning for ME comes from repitition(hundreds of times). Until it CLICKS in my brain as a save point i must keep looking them up on the sheet. I consider myself a special person. more like sling blade than rainman. lol. This optimus keyboard looks like the ticket for me. A big THANK YOU to Stuart Rogers. my plan was to make slip over covers for my different applications out of those dust covers. I am glad i asked because that keyboard is way more easy. once again thank you.
  2. I printed up the short cut keys taped them together(even took a highlighter to the odd numbers) and put them on the wall. Since i just got animation master this is very helpful. What would be even more helpful is editor keys for A.M. http://www.photoshopsupport.com/tools/editors-keys.html They would be easy enough to make. I would like to buy a set. ANYONE GOT EM?
  3. Ahh. nevermind someone beat me to the punch (thank god it sounded like a lot of work to set up). I just joined the chicago masters group on yahoo. I still think my name (CEAM chicago elite animation masters) was cool thou.
  4. 8up


    lol. yeah i know that but i was counting on the added effect of the work being placed (unopened) in a federal building. You must sign in before going into the vault and i am only going in once. THE SECOND PERSON TO SEE THIS SINCE I PUT IT IN A FEDERAL BUILDING WOULD BE THE JUDGE. It may work it may not but i think its a good idea to protect me isnt it an artist worst fear to seing someone profit and take their work. My worst fear is seing my catoon on adult swim (while i am still in the middle of it)
  5. 8up


    HEYVERN YOU CRACK ME UP(funny sounding toon). I planned on sending my self all 13 series seperately to myself via certified mail. I figure it would cost around$120. Then getting a lock box at the bank to put them in. I also looked into the getting a U.S. registered trademark for my logo. This would protect the whole dvd box and all. They told me a lawyer could file it for me for around $200 or so. The only problem is i have to send a fully completed box copy thru my lawyer with the logo on it. So it has got to be a done prodject before i can get a logo. He told me i could also get a extention to file, but if i didnt show a finished product in 6 months i would need to file for another extintion(that could get costly). I need images i can use in a production cartoon for sale to general public. I WANT IT TO BE ALL LEGAL. When i get rich i want to stay rich. HELL YEAH ALOT OF MONEY IS AT STAKE! Its taken me a lifetime to come up with a winning idea and i am not giving it away for anyone to steal. Its the same principle hash uses. I have a good product and others pray on that. Thats why hash doesnt give out demos that hackers can just break the code on. Thats also the reason (i figure) that you have to put the disk in everytime. cyoa if you know what i mean.
  6. 8up


    Wow that was fast. I left 5 min and got 3 posts. Thanks guys. So i can import these objets into A.M. and move the camera around (example: guy walks around chair) and everything will keep perspective COOL. Two of the ones i was looking at were http://marlinstudios.com/ http://doschdesign.com/ This will save me lots of time if they work. Anyone have others that they think are good? DONT WORRY I WILL BLOW UP AM IF I MAKE IT (JUST NOT ON MY PRODUCT BOX)
  7. I ment chicago in the title but it wouldnt let me change it. Well now that i have your attention lets make it happen? Their has got to be a few chi-town A.M.ers here and if i get enough replies i will start setting up a group and a monthly mtng.
  8. newb here, just saying hi to all. Great program you got here.
  9. 8up


    I plan on making a CARTOON FROM ANIMATION MASTER TO SELL ON DVD. I have a few legal questions about making a cartoon and publishing it myself 1) if i buy the program(AM) do i have all rights to use it(can you come back and say you want a cut because i used your program) 2)Do i (by law) have to tell what program i used to make my cartoon (must i put am's name on the box) 3a)I see alot of add's in 3d world magazine for pre-built 3d things like cars, town's lamps etc. Will any of these programs work well with animation master. can i just order the kit and drop and drag things into A.M. in a 3d workspace 3b) are these legal (do i own the rights to the object since i paid for them) and do you have any recomended ones that you have used with am(i want to cut down on design and focus on my characters) 4) by puting a copywrite on my package do that imply i am in the process of getting it copywrited and prevent others from sellin it (at the same time making it MY PROPERTY) As i am just making a sarcastic cartoon i dont want to spend 2 weeks making furiniture towns exc. I just want to make my own character and focus on that. No one will pay attention to these objects just the people and what they say and do
  10. 8up


    ........Its not small to me. I can stand with plenty of room above my head. I can sit in the middle and extend my arm to both sides and still not touch the wall. Sitting in it just makes me feel like i am sitting in a regular size work office space (you know the box with no view). The room that my box is pictured in is 11ft high and i took the pictures standing on a chair. It fit's like a race car. I can even prop my foot up on my sub and stretch out. ........I work 2nd shift getting in late with people living above and besides me. I needed a loud room.
  11. 8up


  12. 8up


    Here are a few pic's. I am getting more done on it everyday. I know its going to take some time but i got it easy while others are tring to go high def i am keeping it simple. I still need to lay the carpet, add the 2in acustic insulation to the outside, and put the fronts on my air system to the left and right Here is one of the outside. Notice the door needs a few layers yet. The insulation is going on the outside only!! i dont wnat to be breathing that stuff in. I am going to extend the air supply tube 10in past the outer wall and put a car type air filter on it!! One of the mic. Its the same one Art Bell(Coast to coast A.M. radio) has Do you like the 1megpix photos.
  13. 8up


    SINCE THE ROOM IS AIR TIGHT : I put a 100cfm bathroom fan with 3in duct in a squared off box (I am guessing 30in x 30in x 30) under the right side of the desk. On the left i built the same box and put in a 3in duct for fresh air flow. This space will let me run all of my cords thru the wall to a little stand that will hold my comp on the outside of the room(just outside the door). True i will also have the laptop in the room but i will shut it off before recording. I wanted to make a half bowl shaped sound blocker with audio foam but thought it would run cooler outside the room with a fan on it. I even got a $10 plug in power switch with remote at menards. Now will be able to turn the main comp on from inside the room. When i get the whole set up done i will post some pic's. The mic is a dynamic which picks up fewer sounds in the background since this is a comp room and sound room. I have screwed around with toon boom a bit with some bad voice changer programs. The i got smart and got on homerecording.com and searched for days to find a soundcard pre-amp and mic combo that would work for me. I even have some friends to do the voice over for me when the time comes.
  14. 8up


    Hello all, I have built a 8ft, high 6ft wide, and 5ft deep sound proof computer room. The walls are 8in thick using various sound baffles. At the end of the month i am going to order my computer(ABOUT TIME). This computer is going to be for the sole purpose of making a 2-D cartoon like the simpsons. I needed a 3-d program with bone structure that converted to 2-d. I am going to have no programs except for animation and windows xp pro on it. I have a laptop off to the left to surf the web and listen to music so this one will be off line. The computer spec's are as follow's: 2048mb pc3200 ddr400 memory 300gb 7200rpm 16mb serial ata hard drive 2- nvidia geforce 7800gt 256mb ddr3 16x pci express graphics cards asus vento case with 500 watt power supply DUAL CORE amd athlon 64x2 3800 processor nvida nforce 4 sli chipset mb dual 16x pci express m audio audiophile 24/96 soundcard lg 16x dvd +-rw drive and lg 16x dvd-rom At the same time i am going to order: ViewSonic VX924 19" 3 MS Xtreme Gaming LCD Display Monitor M Audio DMP3 Microphone Preamp and Direct Box (with Phantom Power) Heil PR-40 Full Range Dynamic Mic AND THE HASH ANIMATION PROGRAM My question is about the dual nvidia 7800 graphics cards. They cost a few hundred a peice. Will my naked eye even be able to tell if i am running dual cards or should i pocket the money? Is my equiptment able to make a cartoon with this program on the profesional level IYO? BY THE WAY I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS SITE FOR MY WHOLE LIFE! LOOK OUT WORLD HERE I COME!!!!
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