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    Creative Artwork, Web design, Animation.<br><br>I am a part-time music producer also. Email me for tracks!
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  1. WOOPS!! MY BAD!! ----------- I didn't read the 2nd and 3rd pages of this thread! lol (Shame on me) The final pic looks perfect... very well done. What a plonker i feel! ...D'oh!
  2. *post removed* that'll teach me for not reading the whole thread! lol
  3. I quite like it. If you're happy with the animaton, how about messing with the Camera a little? Swing the camera around your 'legs' model, get a feel of how they look from all directions, that's what i've been doing. I've only been using A:M for a few months (only just bought v12 recently), but i've found that playing with the camera really adds a Cinematic edge to the animation, it only takes a second too! nice work!
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