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  1. Thanks, Mouseman. Yes, the animation on this one was a bit more fluid. But, I've a long way to go before it's really tremendous stuff.
  2. Thanks for the effort, Gerry. I'm publishing as SWF files. I learned how to build the videoplayer using swf files first. I've searched the net and all over, but, I'm not sure that I will be able to use swf files and have a volume slider. I'll look into FLVs. But, that's another thing I'll have to spend time on learning. Argh, it never ends. hehehe
  3. Thanks Gerry. I'm always a bit concerned when others view the episodes and wonder how their experience is. I'm hoping it's good, but there are varying experiences with monitors and such. I'll see if I can't crank up the gamma a bit. The episode takes place in the dark building however.
  4. Good evening, everyone. I've managed to finish Episode 7 and upload it tonight. Be cautious of the sound level, it may be a bit loud. Be sure to turn down your speakers a bit and adjust the volume accordingly. If someone is a Flash guru, or knows of someone, I am trying to create a volume slider for the video player. But, I'm a novice and trying to find out how to do it. Hope everyone enjoys it.
  5. I have to agree, Gerry. Every so often I will go back and watch the other episodes in the series and personally, I think they are more enjoyable.
  6. hello everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that I am currently working on the next episode. I've also started a new job, so I'm not sure of my schedule and how much time I will be dedicating each week. But, I am still working on the series. The book is on hold for a little while. I checked online printing services, but I feel that the pricing is a bit steep at the moment. If anyone knows of cheaper book printing services, please let me know. If nothing else, I might offer the book as a downloadable PDF or something similiar. A peek shot of the next episode:
  7. Thanks kwhitaker. I really enjoy creating the series. Hopefully I can provide enough entertainment in each episode for people to enjoy them and keep coming back.
  8. Thanks Rodney. Going forward it will be a bit faster paced as the essential part of the story has already been told. The book will add alot of information to the story as well.
  9. Thanks HomeSlice. I usually forget to add all the pertinent information in my posts hehe
  10. Hello, all. Well, after much hair pulling, screaming, a bit of crying and general tantrums, Episode 6 is online for your viewing pleasure. I had to work with Vegas a bit to find out why it was doing what it was doing; as well as, deal with the fps issue. Hope everyone enjoys. Now, off to finish the book.
  11. I've been using AM for how many years now and I have never known that was there. OMG. It was set to 30. Yes, now SMPTE on the Timeline shows up correctly. As I'm sure everything else will fall into place. Thanks Rodney. Now I will give up AM and animating forever.
  12. I think I know what is happening. The audio files were recorded and/or sampled at 30 fps. When outputting from AM in QT Mov codec (even though I specify 24 fps), it is outputting to the 30 fps in the audio file. I opened up just the audio file in QT player and Audacity and each read file as 4.73 sec. When importing just the audio file into a 30 fps timeline, it reads in as 4.73 sec. When I import the QT Mov (the 30 fps one) with the audio file that is rendered at supposed 24 fps, the audio files line up exactly at 4.73 sec in the timeline. I also compared the QT Mov file and the individual PNG files against each other. The 202 PNG files at 24 fps reads at 8.12 sec. The QT Mov file at 30 fps reads as 6.73 sec with 162 frames. If you take 202 and divide by 30, you will get 6.73 sec. In AM, the audio file is in an Action for the character. That Action is 4.73 sec long as it correlates to the audio file. Also, in AM, the Timeline (when Units are Cels), the animated character goes from frame 1 to 202. When Units are set to SMPTE, it's length is 6.21 or roughly equivalent to 6.73 seconds; which would correspond to 30 fps not 24 fps that I have setup in Units. Ok, I'm writing this as I test out different things. So, the following is my observations as I test. So, now I'm totally bewildered. If I'm animating at 24 fps, and my animated character is moving for 6.73 seconds, I should only have 162 frames (6.73 times 24). So, how am I getting 202 frames out of the 6.73 seconds? Well, 6.73 seconds times 30 fps equals 202. ???? However, in the QT Mov file with audio at 30 fps, it's length is 162 frames. That's the 24 fps frame count. So, now I'm thinking that alot of my "floating animation look" has been due to thinking I'm animating at 24 fps (ie, my characters arm moves in 1/2 second or 12 frames) but in reality, when rendering out individual frames, it's actually creating more frames based on a 30 fps timeline. ?? I did a short test with one character. I started each arm out at frame 1 in a horizontal position. The right arm I animated at 24 fps. So, at frame 1 arm is outstretched, at 12 frames arm is down by side, and at 24 frames arm is again outstretched. This should be a one second action. I rendered out frames 1 to 24, for a total of 24 frames. With the left arm, I switched the Timeline to SMPTE and animated by seconds; ie, 0 seconds outstretched, 1/2 second down by side, 1 second outstretched. However, when rendering out 1 second, I have 30 individual PNG files. Eventhough, in the Units panel, I have 24 fps. I'm thinking, I have to re-render each shot again, and use the QT Mov file with audio for the audio and correct action per frame. Because, eventhough the QT Mov file with audio reads as 30 fps, it's total frame count correlates to the frame time for the given action. With the example above, my 6.73 second action should only be 162 frames at 24 fps. I'm now thoroughly confused and need a nap.
  13. Interesting find from AM. In AM, I have the Units set to 24 fps in the Options window and set to Cels for frames. I have animated my character from frame 1 to 202. I was rendering out as individual PNG files at 24 fps. Vegas can import as a sequence at 24 fps and reads as 202 frames. This is what I would expect. Then, I changed to render out as QT mov (to include the audio file in AM) set to 24 fps in the codec Setup. I still have AM Units set to 24 fps. When I view the rendered movie file, QT player says it's now 30 fps, and reads as 162.4 frames and Vegas imports it as 30 fps and reads as 162.4 frames. ??? Not sure what is affecting this change. But, alas, Episode 6 will be delayed a bit longer.
  14. I'm trying different things with AM, like rendering out as movie files with the audio file. KenH, thanks for that tip. I'll give that a try, as well.
  15. Sometimes upgrading to newer, faster, (supposedly) better hardware and software doesn't allow for a better workflow or pipeline. I had to make a decision about upgrading to a newer computer. I was weighing the odds about moving over to a new Mac computer; but, the cost of changing over my software was a bit prohibitive. So, I decided to stick with Windows. However, Ulead Movie Studio Pro doesn't play well with Vista. It hasn't been updated in over 2 years. So, I decided to move over to Sony Vegas. In doing so, I've had to learn how to move around in Vegas and be able to work with it as I had with Ulead. However, it's taking a bit longer to get accustomed to Vegas. In Ulead, I could mix different frame rates with the video and audio files; ie, video files were 24 fps and audio was recorded at 30 fps; but, I could mix them and Ulead would format accordingly on the 24 fps output and the audio (dialog) would sync up to the video files. Vegas seems to be a bit different. So, I'm kind of stuck at the moment. My audio (dialog) files are not syncing up with the video files. I've tried time stretching the audio files; but, a weird stuttering effect is generated. Episode 6 is pretty much complete except for the audio issue. Anyone else using Sony Vegas?
  16. The entire script won't be done. This is a episodial series. Almost like a weekly television series. The book will cover the episodes that I will have completed thus far. I'm debating a graphic novel, as well. However, that will come after I get Episode 6 online and the book out. It would be a bit much for me at this time to complete all 3 at the same time. But, it is something that I am thinking about making.
  17. Hello again everyone. I apologize for the lapse of postings. I took several days off for a short vacation, I had worked on a live action short film for an upcoming film festival and I've gotten a new, faster computer and had to set it up with software and files. All in all, things are now back to a somewhat normal operating situation. I have about 2 minutes of Episode 6 under wraps and diligently working on the remaining bits. With Episode 6, it will be the last episode for this "season". I call it a season for lack of a better word. Don't worry, there will be a season two once Episode 6 is out. Also, with the release of Episode 6, I should have the book out as well. That's right, you read correctly, there will be a book. I plan it to be about 100-120 page paperback book. I have about 40 pages written so far. Until then, let me know what your thoughts are. And here's a little picture of a new character in Episode 6:
  18. Thanks for the comments Homeslice and Gerry. On the next "season's" episodes, I hope to be able to take a bit more time to enhance some of the weaker aspects of my animating. As for now, I was on a break from animating to work on a short, live-action zombie movie. All the shots were green screen; so I had to build all the sets in A:M. It was fun to do and a nice break from animating. I'll have it up on my website soon..
  19. Thanks, Martin. Sometimes I get caught up in the production and getting it online and forget about doing admin type things. I'll check the audio levels again tonight. Hope everyone enjoys this episode.
  20. Episode 5 is completed and now online. Homeslice, I thought about putting them on YouTube; but, the compression is not so good in my opinion. Plus, I use a different aspect ratio and I'm not sure it would carry over. I'm looking at getting onto their Partner Program. Hopefully, they answer my email.
  21. Hello again, everyone. Finally got moved back to Austin and setup everything for getting Episode 5 to be finished. It was nice taking some time off from working on the episode; but, now I'm eager to get it finished and out to everyone. I'll post more soon; but, wanted to let everyone know that I was still cranking it out. Thanks. Episode 5: http://www.animace.biz
  22. Thanks Wiskey, i'm glad you enjoyed it. Production may be on hold for about a week longer than usual. I have recently moved back to Austin, TX and will need a bit of time before setting up to be able to work on the next episode. I have managed to pre-build the scenes and record most of the audio; so I don't anticipate it taking too much longer. Thanks for your patience.
  23. Thanks for the great feedback. It's even more enjoyable to work on the series now than I was before; because of comments like yours. I've commited myself to getting Episode 5 out a lot sooner, as well. I don't want to sound boastful; but, I'm hoping to have a sneak peek of the next series out as well. Am I crazy?? Don't I sleep?? I don't know the answers; I just know that animating with A:M is so easy and I have too many ideas buzzing around. hehe Martin, is there a Hash logo that you have to upload onto my site for link to hash.com?? I was going to create one, but, if you got one laying around that would be great.
  24. Hey, thanks Rodney and Martin for those great comments. Hmmm, Rodney, T-shirts? I'll have to give that some thought. It would be nice to generate some income from this. hehe Yes, Martin, I am doing everything myself. It's tough finding the time to do it all; but, I've got everything portable (laptop, USB harddrive, etc.) to allow me to create wherever I am and whenever I have a few minutes. Lately, I've been working alot; so, in between shifts, I just power on and get to work. Needless to say, episode 5 is already underway. hehe I checked out The Boys. Very nice style and writing. I would like to get a bit more darker as the series progresses; but, I'm debating on that or reaching a larger audience. Decisions, decisions.
  25. It has taken a little longer than anticipated to bring this episode online. I had to change a few shots in anticipation of the greater storyline. One thing about creating a longer, episodial story is to keep in mind that events that happen later on in the story might need to be foreshadowed or shot in a way to 'prep' the audience for future events. That also brings into consideration multiple storylines or multiple plot lines and how they are going to interact in the story; as well as, the characters own storylines and how they will interact with other characters or other storylines. That's why it's such a good idea to have your story or script laid out before going into production. It will help when trying to problem solve shots. Also, I wanted to add a bit of an ode to Heath Ledger. It was shortly after seeing The Dark Knight that I decided to include the shot in the police station. My first inclination was to put a clown in handcuffs; just for some visual oddity to enhance the shot of trolling through the station. But, after seeing the movie, I decided to change it to something that had a little more to it. Episodes For anyone interested, I am offering my coffee pot model. It has a pose slider for the coffee in the pot that when slid will allow the liquid to 'seem' to pour from the spout. It's not much, but, I wanted to give something back for everyone's interest and favorable comments. coffee_pot.mdl
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