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  1. Thanks, it was the Rostami one. Wish I'd seen that years ago!!
  2. upon purchasing the license i was pointed to a video "overview" of AM that was clearly pretty old but appeared still useful: the guy doing the teaching loved the software and had a real sense of humour. I didn't watch till the end and haven't been able to find my way back to it-- anyone know the vid I mean?
  3. Cool, thanks for that: just the solution I was looking for!
  4. Hi All, Hope I'm posting in the right place: I'm returning to AM after a long hiatus and just bought a license for AM16 so I could participate in the AM17 beta. Problem is, while I've installed the 17 beta, I didn't actually get a download link for 16 (that I can find...). My confirmation email is attached. Am I missing something? Should I be concerned? I observe that the 17 beta has far less content than previous versions, presumably because it's a beta. Any thoughts?
  5. Hi Y'all, I'm returning to AM after one of many hiatuses ("hiatii"?), having begun way back when with Playmation... it was somehow affiliated with Will Vinton Studio at that time... and flirted with various versions of AM through the '90's and 00's. I've purchased a new license in order to take part in the AM17 beta, still firmly believing AM is the best tool for character-based storytelling, esp. for the indie animator/filmmaker (go, Killer Bean!!). I anticipate a sharp curve reacquainting myself with the protocols, so please don't mock me for newbie questions! Looking forward to tons of fun! Reuben
  6. Hi, all I apologise in advance if this is the wrong forum for such a simple question, but the fact is I've ben emailing Hash support since Feb 06 and had no response. My Problem is simple: I've been a sporadic Hash user for years and last year I threw out my original Hash '97 or '98 manual-- forgetting that it was the only place where my Hash serial # was written. Now wishing to upgrade (and to make hash work with Tiger... what's up with that?) I need to reclaim that serial number. How the heck do I do that? Anyone kind enough to respond may email me directly at reubenm@netvigator.com and may count on my hospitality if ever visiting Hong Kong...! Cheers, Reuben M
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