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  1. I also recommend the Barry Zundel lessons. After a hiatus from 3D to learn Flash and web stuff, I am jumping back into Hash. My Barry Animate DVD is helping to lead the way. The Barry Zundel Animate DVD gives all kinds of nuts and bolts explanations that you won't see in too many other places. You can check out his website for downloads. www.keithlango.com offers some excellent free tutorials for animation as well as a subscription service for advanced training. Definitely check out his free tutorials. His workflow suggestions are very valuable and give great insight into what the pros in this industry are expected to do. Eric
  2. If anyone could help me locate Emilio Le Roux's epic tutorial (30+ pages) for converting Hash models to 3D Gamestudio it would be much appreciated. I'm missing some pages at the end of my printed copy. When the tutorial is located it is definitely worthy of pinning on Rodney's Tutorial page. Thanks Eric
  3. Chris I am sorry to hear that your X file plug-in is currently in limbo until you find someone to take it over. I have just recently gotten the game building bug and have found an immediate need for your plugin. I am playing with 3D gamestudio and have discovered that texture info and vertex weighting cannot be transferred with the files that are converted to X format unless the Hash AMXtex plug-in is registered. It appears that there is not currently a way to purchase a registration number. Please save me from having to texture models in the Gamestudio Med program. Your help with getting registration info (I'm willing to pay) would be greatly appreciated. Eric Warner
  4. What a cool contest. Please throw me into the raffle bin.
  5. TSM2 and Weightmover work great with v11 and I am trying to decide when to upgrade to v12. A big part of my decision is whether these two programs will work with the latest hash. Thanks for creating awesome software.
  6. Thanks, guys. Your guidance is most helpful. I'm going to purchase Vegas "Junior" and get busy. The Live Action CD would make a most excellent Father's Day gift.
  7. My current video editor is Adobe Premiere LE which lacks a chromakey function. Being a newspaper graphic designer with a family I am broke but was looking at video editors in the price range of Pinnacle Studio Plus v9 or Vegas Junior anyway. Both of these consumer grade editors have chromakey. Animation Master amazes me with all the things it can do. Before going on e-Bay or to CompUSA or, heaven help us, the computer show to get one of the other editors I just wanted make sure I wasn't buying something that would duplicate Hash's capabilities. I promised the kids I'd put them in a movie. With the help of chromakey I want to slap the little buggers into outer space. If chromakey is one of the few things that A:M can't do, that's fine, I'll buy a multitrack editor.
  8. I am jonesing for chromakey/green screen effects. I was always assuming that I would need to invest in software other than Hash to get them. The Klee Miller 2d portion of the 2004 SIGGRAPH training CD had some stuff on it that makes me think otherwise although that portion of the CD didn't answer most of my new questions. And now the Sam Buntrock CD thing has hit the ground running. I plan on eventually getting the Live Action CD but will surely get it quicker if I knew that extensive chromakey/green screen issues were covered (i.e. putting a live actor on an animated background). The knight demo that I watched on your website did not appear to go into this area.
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