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  1. looks like a cool character. Cant wait to see more
  2. Hi, this is a remake of a project i started a few months ago. After getting the modeling CD fron Anzovin i decided to rework this character following the the tutorial as close as i could. I havent done any texture work yet ( all the colors are just colored groups atm) and i havent started any work below the waist yet. here are a few screen shots of the work i;ve done so far
  3. from your screen shot it looks like you didnt break the splines before you hit delete. the default is "K"to break the spline
  4. ok here is an update. i fixed some of the foot slipping problems i had with the jump also. mrball_ver3.mov
  5. HI Justin thanks for your comments. I see what you mean by the foot slipping and went back into my action and adjusted the timing. I spend most of last night working on just that. I originally had stride length turned on and set at the heels but i guess since he leaves the ground i had to extend the stride way out. then i could make small timing adjustments to the action so the foot speed matched the ground movement in the action window. I made a test render with just the run cycle and it seem much better as far as foot slipping and now he covers alot more ground per stride. i still need to w
  6. Thanks for the replys guys. i've done some more work on this animation and pretty much redone to begining of the jump by adding a litte hop. i guess my biggest problem was getting the timing right in the first one i posted. i must have deleted the choreography 20 times because actions were jumping around on me and i didnt know how to fix it. It seems with stride length on you cant really adjust the speed of the run cycle by dragging out the action and increasing the amount of times the action repeats. The option just isnt there in the properties panel with the stride length active. But after
  7. Hi i've been working on this little animation for most of the weekend. Its two actions a run cycle and a jump. I decided to use mr ball pretty much since he doesnt have arms to have to worry about, and i was inspired by some of the other mr ball animation on the forum. The run is very close copy of a run cycle in "The Animators Survival Kit" by Richard Williams I know the right foot has some funny issues i just couldnt seem to fix at certain points, will try to tweek them later. mrball.mov
  8. I gotta find a different solution for his hair, since once i add it my system slows down to a crawl. I saw a tutorial on making hair with a dispalcement map so i'm gonna give that a try, but i'm open for other suggestions. I will look into bump map for hair too. My plan is to make him a body and get him rigged up with a skeleton. So hopefully soon you'll see an animation with him as the star
  9. here is another update. i'm pretty happy with the way he's coming along. my only problem is once I add the hair my system slows way down. So gonna try a displacement map next and see who that looks .
  10. ok here is an update. After reading your comments I had to agree in the points you brougt up, so I fine tuned him in a few areas.
  11. Hi new user here. I bought A:M about 3 weeks ago and have been spending all my free time since then checking out all the tutorials I can find. So I figured it was about time I tried to make a model and eventualy get him to do some cool stuff . I checked out the chat on wednesday night and Nixie suggested I post some of my WIP so here goes
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