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    Vegas performer turned 3d animator turned gaming machine developer.
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    3.1Ghz P4 w/hyper, 17" WXGA with 512 Mb laptop. Unix servers and Quad Xeon Build Server.

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  1. I will as soon as one opens up! Keep me posted!
  2. Sure! starwarsguy: the previous movie uses DivX, that may be your problem.
  3. Helping a buddy at work with a MMORPG; he needed a character artist so I did a quick test for him. Though I code all day now I loaded the latest version of A:M 04' up and cranked away... This render is with no materials or decals (just groups) The concept art My 12 hour attempt Hair and the body armor details (ammo pouches, radiator on the back, etc) are coming after some sleep and a stupid protocol problem at work gets resolved. Hope you like! ~Delaney {the video is DivX; sorry mac people}
  4. I left animation to be a firmware engineer and have had an itch to start making something visual again. This is what i have so far. Hair and facial animation is next. Normal render Toon Render BTW, thanks Yves for that ridiculously sweet skin shader. ~Delaney
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