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    Hmmmm... What am I interested in, besides 3D modeling and animation? A myriad of things, I suppose, but at the top of the list would be (in no particular order):<br /><br />Acting (not doing much at the moment :sigh: )<br />Directing (still plugging away on my documentary on Goth erotica)<br />Writing (not doing much at the moment)<br />Photography (mostly for classes at school, wish I was mostly doing it for my documentary)<br />Lego (I cannot find the damn Viking Legos anywhere :Grrrrr: )<br />My Wife (what else can I say?)<br />Manga & Anime (looking for suggestions for something new)<br /><br />More to be added later.
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    John Ashton-Keller
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    Oakland, CA
  1. I'm not certain if any other Mac users are having problems with the new forum and Safari. I seem to get occasional crashes in Safari while at these forums. Anyone else having problems? Stats: Mac OS X.4.2 Safari 2.0.1 iMac G3 400MHz 256 MB RAM
  2. As far as I know, all the images and movies you see in the forums are hyperlinked.
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