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    Hmmmm... What am I interested in, besides 3D modeling and animation? A myriad of things, I suppose, but at the top of the list would be (in no particular order):<br /><br />Acting (not doing much at the moment :sigh: )<br />Directing (still plugging away on my documentary on Goth erotica)<br />Writing (not doing much at the moment)<br />Photography (mostly for classes at school, wish I was mostly doing it for my documentary)<br />Lego (I cannot find the damn Viking Legos anywhere :Grrrrr: )<br />My Wife (what else can I say?)<br />Manga & Anime (looking for suggestions for something new)<br /><br />More to be added later.
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  1. HeadlessBill

    Janitor of War

    Great image! I really need to learn how to use grunge maps and such. Anyhow, I'm trying to figure out how large this janitor is supposed to be. Something about the image makes me think it's only a few inches tall.