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  1. hey Chris any word on ParallaxOcclusionMapping?
  2. ooooooh, aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Daddy likes!
  3. Sounds like a plan, how about some screen shots or something so we can see what your creating.
  4. I wish I could this year. But I will be going to the CGDC next year!
  5. Actually I think AMTex does have a batch export for multiple models, at least it used to. But for SSB it was done by exporting each model seperatly, and than each model was placed in the game using the world editor in Game Studio. 1: it actually is easier to do it that way. 2: You can keep texture file size smaller, and have more control over it 3: For collision and physics purposes, all models, have to be reinforced with invisible world geo.
  6. I'm not sure what your teying to ask exactly. I will take a stab at it anyway. But he level itself is a model. I rendered it in AM with it's lighting so as to make textures that are prelit and shaded for the game. I tahn exported the textures and models from AM and they were placed in the Game world with the World editor in GS. Is that wahat your asking?
  7. Well I wasnt going to dborruso, cause i didnt want it to seem like i was spamming the AM forum with advertisement, I figured it fit here though. Cuase it was a game made with AM. As far as the loading bar on flash, yes I agree but it was our first flash web site, and we had alot of trouble just getting it to work. As far as a Hebrew pack, I dont know, it never asked anyone else I know to upload that. But who knows. The actual game physics was handled by Game Studio, but all art and lighting as done in AM. ALL models and backgrounds. It actually uses invisible world geo for collision and all you see is the AM content. Although we are thinking now we may use the second level for the demo, so people see the kinds of obstacles u will encoounter during the game.
  8. It is now officially released. You can download the final demo here .Super Slam Ball Demo Of course the full version containing 16 different balls, 5 levels, plus a hidden bonus level, and 3 modes of game play can be purchased at the main web site Super Slam Ball Web Site ALso here is the trailer, and screen shots
  9. WOW, you may not realise the importance of what your doing Chris. It isnt just outstanding. It's gonna save me a ton of work. It's Magniferoso!!
  10. Strange I can see both of your posts. At any rate, Fishman answered your question with " "Here is Will Sutton's tutorial on using the UV editor. www.zandoria.com/uv.htm " I agree it is a very good tut on how to use AM's UV editor.
  11. Ok I will take a stab at it. Since no one else replied yet. I didn't look at your original post, and I am not sure what your talking about but I will explain some things. Firts off the time specs you are giving are in seconds incase you were unaware, so 00:00:00 is the start, 00:01:00 is the equivalent of 1 second and so on. when you make key frame animations and want the computer to tween the frames, that is what causes the other lines to be created in your time line. So you nudge your right forearm a bit at "0" and there are red blocks on the time line at the bones that were moved. at 1 second you nudge it again? and u get another red block at that same bone and a grey line in between them. and at 2 seconds u moved another bone moving the entire arm to a new position. SO now u see a red block at "0" for that bone, and its children and at 2 seconds for that bone and its children. Correct? Now the arm bone u moved last, the one at 2 seconds now tweens from frame "0" to frame 00:02:00. SO when you move your scrub bar the arm will slowly move from start to its final position in your last frame. So if the forearm is a child of the arm bone your moving, you may not see the forearm nudges, as the entire arm is now in motion. if you want the entire arm to stay put, while your doing your forearm nudges, than select the bone by highlighting it in the time line. ( drag a box around it to select it and by default i think it turns bright green) than go to frame 00:01:00 and paste that bone at the frame. That way the entire arm will not move until ur forearm nudges are finished. Is that what your talking about? If so there you go...If this makes no sense than i don't know what to tell you, except if you really are having this much trouble understanding the way computers animate, check out the tutorials here, and take the AM class thing that Rodney promotes. It will really help you get an understanding of how it all works and why. Good Luck.
  12. Hmm. I can't see it, not sure if the link is bad. I will try again later today
  13. We are almost done with the bug fixing stage and are close to release. Here is a trailer of the game, we will be putting on the web site. http://www.superslamball.com/media/trailerfinal.mpg
  14. Just right click at the images icon in the project workspace. It will say, import image, and import image sequence. Slect import image sequence, and click on the first tga. It will import the entire lot, and than all you do is right click again and hit save as, and pick quicktime or avi and vuala! you have your movie.
  15. triath5147


    The problem is the internal patches in your heart. Look at the attached image. Your heart in your file is at the top right, and the internal patches I have highlighted in green. These patches need to be removed for the booleon to work properly, giving you the cut out u see in the render of the door on the far left. In the center of the pic look at the heart front and back that I amended. Notice that the splines on the front of the heart are different from the ones on the back, that way u do not have any 4 point patches going between the front and rear plane of the heart, because none of the splines are in the same direction. There are cleaner ways to do the splines, but I changed this in literally 5 seconds, to make a point. It is actually taking me longer to type this reply and get the pic to show in this post, than it does to solve the problem ( figure that out!) Any way its an easy fix, just keep that in mind for other booleans too. Internal patches render weird, because in all actuallity, when u have the internal patches,each one of those blocks is like a solid object SO instead of having the heart as one solid object, Your heart was actually like four blocks, or four solid objects, and you were seeing the partitions in your render.( does that make sense?, I hate explaining stuff, I'm not good at it)
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