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  1. Workbook mode works, but I think that pertains to the screens, I want to use tabs for the panels as one of the ways you can dock them as mentioned in the the book "A:M Technical Reference Version 11" (properties, pose sliders, libraries etc). your suppose to be able to do this, but I can't find a way. I will download the updates and install them. Thanks for your responses, Bob K
  2. Hey Folks, Two questions. 1st, how do I get the panels to be tabbed panels. 2nd, how do I go about updating v12, I know where to get the updates just can't figure out how to install them. Thanks for your responses, I know they will be quick and helpful. Bob K
  3. Paula, I started handing in exercises 3-6-06 and am now on exercise 16: Smoke, Wind and Fire, 5 more to go! Stuck on exercise 11: Giraffe, having a hard time understanding where to run the splines on page 124 figure 2 and page 125 figure 2, I suppose after some more modeling experience this will not be an issue, after awhile I'll probably start thinking in 3d. I understand that the Hash Bash is upcoming and I think I understand it right, that only poeple involed with TWO is allowed to attend, so got to go and exercise my mind (EX 16) Thanks for the reply, Bob Koonce
  4. So does the bootcamps have anything to do with getting the certificate? or are they just for extra credit by the way your replies were lightening fast, thanks for the quick response. Bob Koonce
  5. I have read about somthing called Bootcamp and was wondering what it is and if I can check it out? does it have somthing to do with the certificate? Bob Koonce
  6. Thanks for all your help, when I did a rotate nudge on the hand it worked fine. If I run into any more problems I'll know where to go. Thankx, Bob Koonce
  7. Thankx Leo for the help Bob Koonce
  8. Is there any way to recieve alerts or somthing like one, that will tell you if somone has read your replies or new topics? Thankx, Bob Koonce
  9. Once again thanks for the fast reply Fishman, I will take a look at the tutorial that you sugested ang select all of Keekat and force frame at 0. quick question, won't creating all those key frame create a larger render? P.S. the software that I used to create the capture was Camtasia Studio, great program. Thankx again, Bob Koonce
  10. Here is a screen capture of what I was refering to, hope this explains it further. Keyframe Help Thanx for the speedy replies, Bob Koonce
  11. In an earlier topic called "Need Keyframe Help" I followed the suggestions that were made without success, here's what I did. Opened time line, at frame 00:00:00 I nudged Keekats Right forearm, keyframe was create at 00:00:00, at frame 00:01:00 I nudged Keekats Right forearm, keyframe was create at 00:01:00, moved time slider to frame 00:02:00, moved right arm to position I wanted, when I moved arm, time line changed, two more graph lines appeared and stated to come together at 00:02:00 as I moved Keekats arm, keyframe 00:01:00 disappeared. I hope this was clear, and I would appreciate some help with this so I can move on. Thanx, Bob Koonce
  12. Thanks for the quick responce you guys, this is the first time I have gotten such a speedy rsponce to some posts on a forum, I have posted on some other ones and had to wait as much as a week to get a reply. Oh! and Ken welcome onboard, or on the board, or on the forum, or ummm never mind, WELCOME!!!! Bob Koonce
  13. Good day all, I was wondering if anyone can be so kind as to direct me to an area that might show me where some user groups are in N.W. Washington? I have been looking but have had no succes in finding any, can someone direct me to where I need to look? Thankx, Bob Koonce
  14. Hello everyone, I have just started working on TAoAM and am enjoying it, I have used A:M before but for a short time, I was trying to create an animation for the topic "Space" in A:M's animation contest, bit off more than I could chew and became discouraged and stopped using it shortly after I installed it. Well here I am again taking smaller bites and working through the exercises, and hoping to put a certificate on my wall shortly. I am 47 yrs old, my profession is Professional truck driver, I've been married for 25 yrs now with a loving and understanding wife named Victoria (I've been involved with and hooked on computers since 1984, understanding is an understatement, she's been a saint!!!) I have 5 Kids, all grown up and out of the house, and 16 grand children, a dog, a cat and some fish. I live in Mountlake Terrace WA. All of you at Hash inc. are a great group of individuals, your support is top notch and seems to be above all others that I have been associated with, thanks for the encouragement. Keep up the good work! Thankx, Bob Koonce
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