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  1. I see the word TARDIS and come out of lurker mode. Like the modeling and rendering, classic TARDIS. I'd lower the roof a bit... I can't find the reference images that were once on Google. I quick search through the 25,200 on GIS didn't bring it up. Great work!
  2. I made Eli Whitley's Cotton gin back in the day, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and we only had Walkman's that played these objects called tapes that... well, never mind. Mine was made of cardboard and cotton balls from under the sink. I SUPPOSE, your creation is better.... but I still got an A.
  3. My purpose, achieve photorealism in still form. The backaround, I'd like to keep simple, a starfield, a grassy plain or insert the model into a real photograph. :huh:skylight - radiosity? This is where I sound dopey again, but the only skylight I know of is Jeff Lee's software or am I confused?
  4. Ok, thus far: -via photoshop make grime -horizontal window bars need adjustment -beveling Beveling? Can someone elaborate? I'm tadbit confused. Oh, Sevenar, go here this will update you on all things Doctor Who: http://www.gallifreyone.com/ To geek myself out... disclaimer first, because I'm only joking BBC, don't sue.... I "burrowed" 1st episode on March 6th, which didn't have the new theme nor "next time" trailer.... then on the 26th "burrowed" the 1st episode with the new theme and "next time" trailer. I'm quite pleased, they have embraced CG properly.
  5. About two years ago I made a TARDIS model, that famous blue box from "Doctor Who". I made a fresh version of the model recently, here's the wireframe: For a while I was aiming for a toon look, but that hasn't panned out: I'd like to be quite daring and go for photorealistic based off the new TARDIS, which is a rough painted wood look, my attempts to make textures/decals: :blink:Oh, and just for kicks...at one point, I lost my mind and made this: Now, I'm asking and begging and humbly throwing myself upon the mercy of wise hasher for your advice as to how to begin.
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