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  1. IT WORKED. All I had to do was open the command prompt as an administrator and then enable the service using sc config secdrv start= auto now it works exactly like it should. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Now I can start transferring files from my little computer to my big one. YAY!
  2. I am seriously starting to think that Win 7 simply will not run any program that wasn't specifically designed for 64 bit OS. That's all I got which makes no sense since my 32bit Version of 18 does work. Maybe it's a difference in the size of the OS's. Just for S&Gs I dug out an old program that I knew worked with Win 95 and tried installing it. It wouldn't even attempt it, even after I tried running the installer in Win 95 Compatibility mode. I know there were 64 bit versions of Win XP out there but I didn't have one back in the day. Guess that's where I am right now, kind of stuck. Guess
  3. Ok so I've managed to get my trial version of 18 working. Had to uninstall and reinstall and follow the instructions again. This time it worked. But it only lasts for 10 days so I still need to get one of the other versions working. Hoping the complete uninstall I did for all of the AM versions will work...not optimistic but it's worth a shot.
  4. Attached is a screen of the directory. I'm pretty sure that it's all how it's supposed to look Have now uninstalled every Update going back over a year. Haven't uninstalled the Security Updates though. Not sure if those matter or if any update could be the problem. In any event, I've only had this machine for two years so I am halfway through and still no luck
  5. The CD doesn't even spin up on any of the versions, even after I went to the FTP site.
  6. (Moderator update: A work-around for this problem has been found. See post # 26) SO I'm sure that there is a place for this topic but I don't have time to go hunting. Here's my problem: So applied for the AM 18 trial version, downloaded it and followed all the instructions and it is telling me that I need an activation code??? I sent a message to support to see if I can get that resolved. In the interim and because I just did some serious upgrades to my machine, I thought I would try to get one of my older versions to work. When I say older I mean v11,12, or 13. Umm yeah, no matter what I e
  7. I apologize for not introducing myself in the beginning. My name is Ken and I have been using AM since I bought the program back in 96, could have been '97. Not sure anymore. The entire breadth of the 90s is kind of a blur for me. It was like 499, or something like that when I bought it. I am a huge Star Wars fan, mainly from the tech perspective, though. I've been building models since I was twelve. For me, AM allows me to build virtually any kind of model that I want. Given my interests I'll let you all guess what those models are. Despite being primarily a character animator, it's surprisi
  8. Worth it to upgrade? For the past few years I have been using a CD (Yes, I said CD) linked version of AM 12 on my laptop. On paper, my laptop had all the requirements to run AM 16 and 17. It never worked, for one reason or another. I am suspecting that it had something to do with the integrated graphics. I can't be sure. Fast forward. I now have a desktop. I've always been satisfied with the program's performance on a desktop versus laptop. Laptop performance is fine until the model becomes too detailed for the processor to handle it. I have some models with over 30,000 patches. Viewling them
  9. It's been awhile since I have been able to devote any time to anything. I have a REALLY crazy work schedule. Just to give an update, I have managed to get my old CD working. That's a plus. I have to open the drive, close it, and while autorun is trying to recognize it, double click my program icon. It's a pain, but it works. I am okay with that. Don't ask me how I did it, I just did it and it works. Eventually, I will be buying a new machine that is built to my specs and for what I plan to do with it. Funds are still tight right now. I want to thank everyone who responded. I did read them and
  10. On paper they should work fine, perhaps a little clunky, but still run. I'm not quite sure. This being laptop and all, I figured it was the integrated graphics. I have been told that cause some serious problems with programs that suck up a lot of video memory. Maybe an external graphics module would (do they make those?). Basically the short of it is that I don't really know. I load the program, it starts up, the interface comes up and I can even draw. I just can't do anything else. I can't open the project workspace, I can't close the libraries pane, I can't change the layout at all without
  11. The answer to your question is rather confusing to me. On paper (processor speed, ram, disc space, even video memory) V16 and v17 should run on this machine. I've tried both of them. They both give me the same response. The program loads the model interface comes up. I open a new file, save a new file, or do ANYTHING to change what is actually on the screen, the program closes or freezes. I always just chalked it up to integrated graphics (laptops and all) MY computer is an HP Pavilion dv4-1465dx Entertainment Notebook. 2.1 ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4.00 gb ram, I forgot the Video m
  12. A little background: A long time ago I bought version 11. I used it for quite awhile until my machine died. I tried using it on my Vista laptop and it didn't work. I got an upgrade patch from here to version 12 which did work. I used that for a long time. Then my laptop's disc drive started developing problems. At first I thought it was the disc as it was all scratched up. After much time, frustration aggravation and troubleshooting, I have since discovered that the drive itself was going bad and is now plain done in. I bought an external to run the cd. Here's my problem: I know the drive is g
  13. That explains that problem but now a new one has reared it's ugly head because I think perhaps I have some grphics issues because when I tried to import one of my old model files into 17s "project 1" it loaded but the import directory stayed up and I couldn't do anything with the imported model. everything just froze up and then it stopped working again....same issue or a different one. This is getting aggravating. Pretty much everything I have done so far has caused it to crash aside from drawing a simple square in a new model. If I close the Library, Community, and Prop Panes, the entire s
  14. It will not let me go to any directory other than the one it automatically opens. If I go the pull down list to select a different directory or over to the left for my quick links, the screen fades and I get "Animation Master is not responding" Then "windows is checking for a solution to the problem" etc. Could I be missing a driver or have a registry file that's gotten bamboozled? BTW I am using Vista Home Pro, it came with the machine...
  15. I just downloaded and activated v17.0 subscription and the program opened and would let me draw lines, etc but when I tried to open an existing project file from a previous version (v11.0) instead of opening a file from the directory it automatically went to, the program stalled and then crashed. This is the same problem I had with v16.0 last year and never did figure out what was wrong so I went back to my v 11.0 (run as v12.0 with a downloaded patch file from the ftp site awhile back). Unfortunately that option is becoming increasingly difficult as the CD has gotten all scratched up and the
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