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  1. Hi everyone. I'm trying to get started again after a hard drive crash. I had a great tutorial saved on how to model a face from front and side view photographs, but I lost it. Can anyone help me find such a tutorial? Thank you! Jim Dodds
  2. jim dodds


    Thanks you guys, I'll try your ideas, see if I can get a little farther into this. Cheers! Jim
  3. jim dodds


    I am very new to this and it would be very helpful if someone has a tutorial that follows the same process as the Demo Video on the main Hash page. I've tried to follow the steps he uses to animate that vase several times, but it's obvious some steps are gone over so fast you don't notice them, and you can't stop and start it anyway. I want to make my own model and animate it, and things aren't going well as yet. For instance, how do you save a model to begin with? I can save my project, but don't seem to be able to save models. I can make new folders but can't see any way to get my models into them. And bones are eluding me. I draw bones and attach cps to them -- get the blinking lights and all that -- but when I move the bones the model stays right where it is! I'm obviously not getting some major steps. Does anyone have a basic tutorial that shows ALL the steps for making a model, putting bones in, attaching them and animating it. Just something simple, like that vase in the demo? Thank YOU!!
  4. Hello, I'm coming back to Animation Master after a lapse of ten years. The version I have is 5, from 1996. What I want to do is to take a word and make it 3d, and then wrap it into a truncated cone, as shown in the attachment, which I've built by hand in CorelDRAW. Then I would want to apply texture and a bump map, so the letters look like they were carved from granite. If someone could give me a very broad rough idea of the steps that would be necessary it would be a big incentive to get back into this by updating to AM2007. I've looked at interface screenshots, and I can't see how you even bring type into the program, so I'm a little commitment shy here! :-) Jim Dodds
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