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  1. Rodney, I have a very basic question- and figured this is the place to post it. I'm working through the exercises and am having trouble with posing Rabit. In essence, I want to rotate Rabbit's foot- but every time I click on it the whole leg moves. The video manual moves through this step very quickly. It appears that the pointer changes (from a standard arrow to two ying-yang arrows) when the foot rotates. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Brian
  2. Wow. Thanks for the updates and suggestions. Last year, I purchased a low-end 3-d mouse for work in another application and found it to be very helpful. A:M seems more dependent upon keyboard and/or number pad commands. As such, I think I'm going to take the plunge and purchase a higher-end mouse with the capacity to program additional buttons. I'll let you know how it works out.
  3. I'm an A:M newbie and hope that someone with more experience using the software will take the time to respond to the following question: Does Animation:Master recognize and/or allow the use of a 3-D mouse, such as the 3-d connexion space navigator? http://www.compuplus.com/i-3D-Connexion-Sp...b89ft8u386s9114
  4. I second Ian's comments. I am an old hack in SketchUp, but a relative newbie to A:M. I am inspired by your work and contributions. Thanks!

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