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    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4600+ CPU Windows Vista Business (32Bit) 3GB PC2-6400 DDR2 SDRAM ATI Radeon X1300 256MB WD HD 250GB Dell UltraSharp 1907FP LCD Monitor
  1. As per the instructions in Exercise 5, Take A Walk, I posed the character along with the video; the only difference being that I was using my own character rigged with the new 2008 Rig instead of the rabbit. I posted my first results... which were pretty bad. Taking into account that I may need additional keyframes to achieve a decent human walk cycle, I started over. The walk is OK at best, but the slippage is keeping me from being able to move to the next exercise. I've included a screenshot of the stride settings, etc. See below: Does anything look out of the ordinary?
  2. I am trying to use the 'stride length' feature to create a reusable walk cycle action.
  3. Hi, I am trying to create a usable walk cycle action using my own character rather than the rabbit, but the feet are slipping in the action? I've included a small frame-by-frame video below for reference. Walk.zip I tried searching the forum and found some excellent walk tutorials, but I haven't found a specific post where this issue is addressed. I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction? Thanks
  4. Render Mode, Render Lock Mode, etc.; it all works fine for me. I did have a problem with OpenGL on this new machine, but after switching to Direct 3D, all problems went away. Dell T5400 Precision Workstation Intel Xeon X5460 Quad Core 3.16GHz Vista Ultimate 32Bit SP1 22' Dell UltraSharp LCD Nvidia Quadro FX 3700 512MB DiretX 10 4GB RAM
  5. I have Photoshop and I have yet to use it for character development. If you have a pencil, paper and a scanner, you can scan your drawings and save them on your computer. You can then use them in Animation:Master as Rotoscopes to bring them to life as 3D characters. I agree with everyone else however, that there is a point in the creation process (Mapping, Decaling, etc.) where programs like Photoshop, Gimp, 3DPainter, or even Paint Shop Pro will be instrumental in adding realism and/or detail to your characters and sets. I haven't gotten that far yet, but I've already bookmarked several
  6. I had that same concern about 3D modeling and animation, I can draw pretty well if my subject already exists, but I've never been good at just drawing out of my head. After watching the Animation:Master Demonstration (very large file - 134MB) I realized that probably wouldn't matter very much, and I was right. Watching the creation of Victor Navone's alien was all it took. I'm just a beginner, but I'm already working on my second character and a set within which to animate them. Several others have already created videos of their animations; all within a couple of months of buying the pro
  7. LOL... I didn't know I could translate the neck that way, very cool! Thanks
  8. Ahhh.... never mind about the fingers, I was being an idiot. The controls were in there: But what about turning off the "Head_Controller", will that cause problems somehow? Thanks
  9. Turning "Head_Controller" off enabled the "Neck_Geom", but is that a good thing? See screenshot. Also, I can't find an equivalent pose folder to enable the finger bones, the ones shown below do not seem to do the trick. Thanks.
  10. Hi, Can someone point the way to enabling the Neck and Finger bones for the 2008 Rig? I can see them in Bones Mode, but they're not there in an Action. Thanks
  11. After modeling and rigging a character, I decided to test it on the walk cycle from TaoA:M. Having spent so much time in the Project Workspace, I got use to double clicking on an item when I needed to start something new... I did this for a new Choreography Action as well, thinking I could do the walk cycle that way. However, near the end of the process I discovered that I did not have access to the "Has Stride Length" setting. Can this be turned on somehow inside a Choreography Action? I decided to render what I had, even though it isn't constrained to a path: SarahWalkTest2a.mov
  12. Ongoing debacles apparently: http://www.informationweek.com/news/hardwa...cleID=212500729 http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2337045,00.asp I would still love to have a screamin Mac to play with someday.
  13. I've been a real stickler for grouping the various parts of the model, and I've exported each segment as individual models. Maybe I could generate several versions of the torso-arms-legs, for example, then I'd have interchangeable parts. I'm amazed at how much you've accomplished in such a short period of time. Looking forward to your next animation!
  14. Awesome character, great colors; it's a pleasure to pour over your work. Thank you for making it available!! It's interesting that it was modeled in a pose, does this affect the rigging installation process much? Is there a preference? And the shirt is not symmetrical. In the 2008 Rig, CP weighting is done on one half first, then mirrored. Would such a shirt cause a problem? The reason I ask is that I'm at the point with the model I've been working on where I'm ready to do clothing. I keep wondering if I'd have been better off creating a clothed model, but that would lock it into one look
  15. Apparently, a horse can shift its weight to its hindquarters and launch its front half into the air (using its head as the lead), without any effort from the front legs at all:
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