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  1. Hi, I am currently running on the trial version and I am making a game for Panda3d. So Far I love AM for it's modelling and animation capabilities but now i'm wondering how I can get that data over to Panda3d. They use a egg format but i think I can do .x to .egg with their converter. If decals are how we apply textures how does that map to UVs? I would really love to just decal my models and have it come over some how but maybe there is another way? Sorry if this is covered already i just couldn't find it with search. Thanks! Aetheria
  2. Hello there Floridians, I just got AM a bit over a week ago but I live in Ft.Lauderdale,FL. Also use Lightwave, I have a feeling LW is one of the more popular apps with the others I have met that are into 3D and live in FL. Most of them were in central/north FL though. Down here it seems Maya and Max are used very often. Nice to know that there are many AM users in FL -tmTim
  3. Thanks guys, I was just curious as to what is the popular method/rig to use. I went with the 2001 and haven't looked back, it is easy enough to take it apart and understand how it works. I think on my next character I will be able to create my own rig. It is just so much more straight forward in AM compared to other packages like Lightwave which I also use. I wonder if this setup will be good, AM for character modeling and animation and LW for the environments. I would want to composite the character renders over my lightwave scene. I just wonder if there is an easy way to animate the AM camera to follow along with my Lightwave camera so that the 2 scenes will composite seamlessly. Or I may just do all of my character work in AM, including the environments. -tmTim
  4. What would be a good rig to start with for starting to play with character animation? I have the 2001 rig that came with AM but I also see the Squetch which sounds like maybe it's the new thing. I would like to learn the right way so figured I'd ask here, Should I just make my own rig instead? I couldn't find any stickies really explaining what "Squetch" is, only updates and other threads that assume that I know what it is. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough though. thanks all! -Tim
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