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  1. I tried the best to render out all the clips seperately and sync them in Sony Vegas Pro. yes, it turned out okay, some of the animations are looped in the video, obviously for times sake. It was for a final project at Clark College. This one went well, I have plans on making more, but since I'll have more time on my hands, I think I'm going to go a different rout . PS... Syncing all of the audio clips in A:M was more time consuming than the animating, but dayum was it worth it! Let me know what you think for my first long term attempt!
  2. Holy Schlong. I would sooo seriously be interested in buying one of those programs if you got it 100% done.... Not even joking. Bluesbro15@hotmail.com. I'd try my damnedest to get the money .
  3. Okay, so I'm a student at Clark College, and since I can't model worth a crap I decided for my final to do an A:M music video. My min, requirement was 30 seconds, butttt, i went a little overboard and did the entire video. Yes, there are some obvious time filler spots, and some of the audio is off sync, (its all sync in the A:M program but I put all the rendered clips into Sony Vegas Pro and things got a little shaky). I just wanted an opinion, tell me what you think! Sadly, it is a youtube link... Thanks! Payton
  4. Gooday peoples, guess im new here too! Well, i dont guess , I know . Anyways, I'm using this program in a class im taking and I am pretty impressed with the results of what im getting. I've used 3DS Max for the last few years so when I first opened this I had some issues at first getting around this program. But after I got around it I was on my way to animation! Just figured I'd say hello! Payton
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