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Windows versions can be found here:

2004 CDROM (Orangutan)

dongle (HASP) Version

Multi-User Dongle Version


FTP area


V11.0 Features


V11.0 Online Technical Reference


V11.0 requires dongles to be programmed for year 2004. If you receive a hasp or "No Authorization" error you will need to have your dongle upgraded for the 2004 subscription.


Contact upgrades@hash.com for more info. Run the RUS Utility to get your HASP ID#. After receiving an update code from support@hash.com you can use this utility to flash the HASP.



----- Fixes since last version.

  • Fixed setting action shortcut repeat to non integer values {Steven Potter}
  • Fixed Sounds not starting a the begining of an action {Bob Freeman}
  • Made hair density be in hairs per square cm. New values are larger than old values but the density remains the same.
  • Fixed hair and with render as lines in same model {Bernd}
    Increasing the number of control points on hair after grooming correctly saves farther grooming. {Stephen Millingen}
  • Hair with modified length at the guides automatically makes longer softer and shorter stiffer than default.
  • Surface constraint now ignores hair systems. {Paul Forwood}
  • Z-buffered hair no longer ignores cast shadow flag on Hair system.
  • Cast shadow flag on Hair systems defaults to ON.
  • Z-buffered hair viewed with strong perspective does not have small gaps between polygons.
  • Final rendering of reflective hair works correctly, no more stray polygons. {John Keates}
  • Rendering of hair with transparency does not get progressively slower. {John Henderson}
  • Rigid body simulation does not crash after finishing. {Michael DeSantis}
  • OrientLike constraint with enforcement
  • Grooming guides stay positioned as groomed even if hair dynamics are ON.

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