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Decal skipping patches


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Long ago I used to think that decalling was a simple process but then this started happening. I can stamp this image a dozen times and sometimes it ignores different patches randomly.Anyone else ever run across this or is AM picking on me again? Have tried making the patches larger-no effect. Tried applying decal in an Action with all the CPs flattened completely-no effect.  Tried a TGA-no effect. Higher rez image-no effect.

I've run out of ideas to try.

Any help appreciated.



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I think what happens is that if a patch is so small that no "patch" shows between the spline lines it doesn't get stamped. But if you zoom in, only patches that are visible in the window get stamped. So...

I turned my monitor 90° so i could get the biggest possible vertical window to fit your model.

I did Recall view/position to get your original alignment.

 I zoomed into see just the upper left quadrant and did an Apply

Then I panned around to get the other three quadrants.

That's why there are four stamps. You can RMB on a stamp and choose "edit" to see the patches it covers.

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