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V11.0 Beta 3

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Windows versions can be found here:

2004 CDROM (Orangutan)

dongle (HASP) Version

Multi-User Dongle Version


Beta FTP area


V11.0 Features


V11.0 Online Technical Reference


V11.0 Beta now requires dongles to be programmed for year 2004. If you receive a hasp or "No Authorization" error you will need to have your dongle upgraded for the 2004 subscription.


Contact upgrades@hash.com for more info. Run the RUS Utility to get your HASP ID#. After receiving an update code from support@hash.com you can use this utility to flash the HASP.



----- Fixes since last Beta version.

  • Fixed Multisky being different each time am is started {Patrick Clarke}
  • Fixed undo mirror mode modeling
  • Fixed break spline crash in certian situations
  • Fixed save as dialog on opening actions, and other files
  • Fixed problem bound grouping around hooks and undo
  • Fixed snap to frame keyboard shortcut in channel mode of timeline {Jack
  • Fixed alpha edges of low res rotoscopes in final render {Jack Morrison}
  • Added Attach Control Point and Snap group to grid commands to the
    customize dialog
  • Fixed changing menu name in customize mode
  • Fullscreen transition is much cleaner
  • Statusbar flickering when changing to and from a perspective view
  • One bone long dynamic chains no longer appear to predict the motion. {Joe
  • Dynamic Constraints are now simulated using Simulate Spring Systems. This
    allows them to be rendered with motion blur, and be played forward or
    backward quickly. {Joe Williamson}
  • Dynamic Constraint sim data can be removed from Chor using menu Remove
    Simulation Data.
  • Display while simulating is respected during spring simulation.
  • Error reduction tolerance may be set under chor properties to influence
    Dynamic Constraint simulation.

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