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V11.0 Beta 2

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Windows versions can be found here:

2004 CDROM (Orangutan)

dongle (HASP) Version

Multi-User Dongle Version


Beta FTP area


V11.0 Features


V11.0 Online Technical Reference


V11.0 Beta now requires dongles to be programmed for year 2004. If you receive a hasp or "No Authorization" error you will need to have your dongle upgraded for the 2004 subscription.


Contact upgrades@hash.com for more info. Run the RUS Utility to get your HASP ID#. After receiving an update code from support@hash.com you can use this utility to flash the HASP.



----- Fixes since last Beta version.

  • Fixed the project to be marked modified from relationship windows loading
  • Fixed turning off embedded property on a never saved object {Rachel Jones}
  • Fixed Alias Edges.pfx to match 8.5 {ArtWare}
  • Fixed crash opening an animation window with posteffects
  • Fixed unable to load embedded post effects used on animations {Sam
  • Fixed crash clicking on camera in bones mode in chor {my main man Vernon}
  • Loading radiance values from verion 8.5 and older works correctly. { Yves
    Poissant }
  • Custom Color dialog working again { Frank Hulsey }
  • statusbar and menubar hide/show work properly, and so does it in fullscreen
    mode { Greg Rastomi }
  • Customized colors save and load properly { Shaun Freeman }
  • The Play button no longer sticks on
  • Play mode is much faster.
  • Speedup Interface during Plus/Minus key
  • Added Reflective Filter surface attribute property { Yves Pissant }
  • Recent Projects are always visible in Project menu now.
  • Library tab now have shortcuts available ie "View Model Library" { Greg
    Rastomi }
  • Frame editbox selects on inital focus { Bob Croucher }
  • Right clicking on the frame bar when it isn't fully visible { Jeff Lee }
  • Made global gravity and drag animatable over time. {Anders Avero}
  • Targets can be set on dynamic constraint for controlling both ends of the chain.
  • Multiple dynamic constraints can be added to one chain for custom settings for
    each bone.

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