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A:M 2005: Ken Baer telling it like it is

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This isn't exactly A:M Films material but it is a great interview with one of the programmers of Animation:Master.

In just a few short minutes Ken Baer covers some of the basic philosophy behind A:M and explains why it will be a better fit than other programs available.

Those that might be interested in purchasing Animation:Master should check it out.


Ken Baer is now an independent programmer but five years ago he was know as Hash Inc's enlightened marketing guy.

If you live in the US Northwest and are a fan of the various brews on tap you may have even used his custom application to locate the finest spirits in the Portand area. He still hasn't forgotten his first love in programming; computer animation and rumor has it you may be hearing more from him on that. Time will tell.





Original video source: www.themovieblog.com

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