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Jason Simonds


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Here are links to the v15.0j installers

fixed since last release:

  • 5575: Changing Glossy Specular Render Shader back to None causes program error
  • 5573: Specular color for hair always white
  • 5564: Space Navigator Roll and Spin are reversed under OSX
  • 5571: Light lists lost when a model is swapped in a chor.
  • 5569: Bone heirarchy changes not working if one bone is a light
    • solved also for camera and nulls

    [*]5570: Font-Plugin is not creating a round surface when it was used with the flat-setting before

    • round/flat affects only the beveling !

    [*]5520: Material "Baking" doesn't include transparency or reflectivity

    • notes about this:
    • only transparency is possible
    • higher texturesize are possible now
    • controlled with the "Resolution" settings , when starting "Bake Surface"
    • with Shift key hold down (advanced mode)
    • depends on the installed ram and the OS (windows only , when A:M is running
    • in a 64 bit enviroment, mac always)
      • memory  
      • memory > 3GB and 64 bit OS maximal texture size 8192x4096 (upto 100 MB each uncompressed decal bitmap)
      • memory > 4GB and 64 bit OS maximal texture size 8192x8192 (upto 196 MB each uncompressed decal bitmap)

      [*]settings are saved/restored in advanced mode

    [*]5565: Create material from surface properties (model/group)

    Contextmenu for model/group "Create Material from Surface" this uses only the surface properties , NOT a applied material


    [*]5481: When Combiner uses two ShaderPlugin, A:M causes crash.

    [*]5546: [Rendering] quick render and progressive render quits in entire viewport

    [*]5544: [bones/Rigging] right click "info..." (adding number of bones and nulls)

    [*]5545: [fluid systems] crash , when the (internally) memorylimit is reached

    [*]5545: [fluid systems] fixed a calculation bug , when "clipping to visible viewport" is set (under some cirumstands the fluids are not rendered in finalrender)

    [*]5552: corrected drawing for Null objects in the PWS , if the Null object is not a children for a model

    [*]5553: particle systems now updating correctly the chorview , if a propertie is changed

    [*]5554: Renaming a group fails , if the group is moved/rotated before

    [*]5549: Bit map plus is Wrong in 15i (worked in 15e)

Also the new splash screen windows, I just notices today that the info screen on mac was not changed. I will get that fixed for the next release.

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