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Hey, I have not had much time to model but i found some time to do a simple rim but would be nice to get someone to help me render it for me so the crome is visable. I did not have time to finsh the nixus it will be a long time befor it will be done. O ya and enyone know a good model name for this rim and eny coments would be great.



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Now this light saber that i made a long time ago is using a c2-ico-f2 (20).lit and model i think. I am trying to get the same render effect on the rim. I will give it a shot myself first then maybe some one can help me more on it.



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I used the chrome and gold materials (dropped on each group) and the skytracer model from the AM cd, default chor lighting.


Don't know if that's the look you are after.


Ya that is kinda wat im trying to get but in a white background like the lightsaber render. I just need to get myself that lightdone. Do you know were i can get it i lost my.

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use an enviromental map, the rims might not look right if they don't have much to reflect off of. try this image...


hey mag ill try but why dont you give it a try. You did get better at rendering now sins my nixus is far from done.

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