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Bulb lights and Spot lights: either/or?


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It seems that the only way to get a Bulb light is to change the Rim Light [ in Objects folder] from spotlight to bulb. But I found that it changes all the Rim light types in a Project, and in all Choreographies. Is it possible to have Spot Rims and Bulb Rims at the same time?

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Right click on a chor>New light. You can change the properties of that light without going near the rim light.


Excellent. Thanks again Ken.


The Lights are more or less like a model. If you use it in a choreo, a shortcut is created and you can animate iit in the chor, while if you make changes to it, it will effect the shortcut too.

You can easy use that behaviour for example for a light-dome by using one light in a chor several times. Now you can adjust every light in the chor simultanious by changing the attributes of the light under "Objects"


And if you right-click on "objects" you can easily go to "New Light" and set a new one too. The same happens if you use the command on a Chor itself.


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