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Are decal layer sequences important?


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I'm 95% sure that I explain and illustrate this in the tutorial on my site -- I know I do. And since its easier to point you there then redo it... go to my site: http://www.virtualmediastudios.com/


Then go Gallery and scroll to the end of the document, you see the tutorial link. Drop half way down the TOC and click on something like "Mapping the face: Map Layering Overview" its down in that document.





PS The order for placing maps comes from several books on layered mapping... now is this the best order for AM? Probably but... ? It's absolutely logical... the color goes down first (because everything else needs to be applied to the color), then the bump group (how to arrange is in tut), then the specular intensity, spec size and finally, diffuse. Its all a matter of taste too... I want the diffuse to tone down everything below it rather then applying the specular group to the diffuse. See what I mean.

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Thanks Rusty, that's just what I needed. I thought I saw it in your tut, just couldn't remember exactly where I saw it.


Your quick explanation also makes sense.


Btw, when are we going to see the results of your rigging labor? Are you going to write a tutorial on your experience? Hope so, I think it's needed. Heck, I'd pay for it.





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In the event you might want to use the UV editor and you want to have multiple map types in one decal container - then I would recommend setting the color map first, as the first map in the container is the one the UV editor will display.


If you have 1 map per decal container then it doesn't matter.

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Maps have no precedence except in one circumstance: maps of the same type overwrite each other (except Color maps use Alpha). For example, Color can go down first, or Bump, or Specular, etc.

In the same order as they are listed in the dropdown list?

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