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MAAM December Meeting Notes

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Hi Hashers,


The mid-Atlantic animation master user group meeting went very well today. In attendance was Don Davis, Rich Jackson, Vern, John.R and our newest latest greatest member Eric.C. We had a great time including showing off some rendering and animation stuff we've all been working on.


Rich showed us some great stuff he's been working on including his TWO work and also some dark skull production work. The Sentinel for the TecNu project that falls under the dark skull production umbrella is coming along and just about ready for some proxy test animations. Rich and I also posted some information's and a video in the showcase area of the forum. We've got plenty of feedback on what we've posted already and it's only been one day. That's extremely exciting for all of us that many animation master users are taking a look at what we've done so far and giving us feedback.


I'm posting a couple of pictures from the meeting. Sorry the quality of isn't that great, but it's more or less to just prove that we actually had a meeting and believe it or not I think we all have a good time. For some reason I never actually get a picture of Vern looking at the camera. It's always a shot from the side or from the back. If you need to actually see Vern, just take a look at his icon. The pizza and cheese steaks were great and instead of working in animation master tomorrow I'll be running extra far and working out a lot longer at the gym to work off that great Hawaiian pizza.

[attachmentid=22854] [attachmentid=22855]


Some meeting notes: we got Vern out of the house! That in and of itself is a wonderful accomplishment. Rejection showed us some of the rigging for the Sentinel and Don showed us how to use a tablet PC.


The one great thing about having our animation master meetings is that they are fuel for creativity. Getting together with a bunch of guys who like to do the same 3-D hobbyist work really is inspiring and really gets me back into the mood for animating and creating. I think it helps out all of us and I recommend to any animation master users that haven't found a local animation master group to go out there and try to find one in your area. Meet some new people, make some new friends, work on some projects together, eat pizza, cheese steaks and drink plenty of coffee and soda! It's good stuff.


Thanks everyone for coming out!



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Don't fret too much Zach, John's TV was too small (see the picture) and the sound system was just awful. You could barely see the atomic structure of the skin cells on Lex Luther's face... unless you squinted.



I almost missed it myself. There was a post in the forums for a while that I never saw and my email got stuck in spam limbo. I found out on... wed I think... phew!


Someone will make sure you get notified personally for the next one...


uh... Someone make sure Zach gets notified for the next one okay?


I was thinking, next weekend. Would that be too soon?


Just kidding...



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Hubukai Posted Dec 2 2006, 11:57 PM The pizza and cheese steaks were great and instead of working in animation master tomorrow I'll be running extra far and working out a lot longer at the gym to work off that great Hawaiian pizza.


I didn't get any Hawain pizza!!! That's my favorite!!!!!! I don't need to eat... just drink beer! How did they get the beer out of those monkeys anyway?


Awe, Zack, missed you!


I want a donkey for christmas!!!

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Hawaiian Pizza...Is that what that was, I thought I tasted something strange.

I saw the chunks of yellow and thought it was some type of Christmas Fruit Cake Pizza.


Many thanks to John for hosting us all in his headquarters. It was great fun. Hope we can do it again soon.

Keep Feb 23-25 open for a possible road trip.

Vern, let me know when you get that movie blog up, I'll definitely contribute!!!

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I have to say this about John's crib...

He makes "geek" look cool as heck man... that office is to die for... and he has the weapons* to do it as well. I worry about that poor cat if someone ever breaks in while John's in his office.


Rich? A donkey for Christmas?

"You'll put your eye out kid!"


Oh good lord. That is wrong on so many levels. And I thought I had finally cleansed that image from my brain.


Don, I have changed my mind and decided to start off with the movie "Clerks 2". Talk about unrealistic plot lines. Everyone knows there is only ONE trilogy and it is "Back to the Future".


*If the government is reading this, those "weapons" are just decorative. No midnight raids are necessary.



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