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I'm busily working on my animation, and I'm interested in making my renders able to be played in a standard or widescreen DVD format. Can anyone point me to the correct resolution, acpect ratio, and rendering settings for being able to view the animation on a standard or widescreen DVD screen?



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If you are going to encode directly to DVD and it's final rendering... I suggest using D1 (NTSC) or D1 (PAL) depending upon what region you live in. If it's preview rendering, use 352x240 (half res, 1/4 rendering area) as this will cut down on rendering time and get you the same proportional render (wide format).


The resolutions are pickable when you set the output resolution in A:M.


Allowable picture resolutions are:

MPEG-2, 525/60 (NTSC): 720x480, 704x480, 352x480, 352x240

MPEG-2, 625/50 (PAL): 720x576, 704x576, 352x576, 352x288

MPEG-1, 525/60 (NTSC): 352x240

MPEG-1, 625/50 (PAL): 352x288

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In addition, depending on your DVD authoring software, if you're doing widescreen, you may want to render anamorphically so folks with widescreen TVs get the full resolution experience.


I use 720x480 with the aspect ratio set to 1.18 (actually 1.185, but I don't know if AM accepts that much precision).


The picture will appear squeezed, but if the widescreen flag is set it will look fine when seen on a DVD. You can re-size it to 853x480 to preview this.

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Anyone know the settings for "High-Definition" rendering (ie. 1080, 2K, 4K)?


Standard/ pixel wXh/ FPS/ additional info


HDV 1080-50i/ 1440X1080/ 25 FPS/ PAL(interlaced?)

HDV 1080-60i/ 1440X1080/ 29.970 FPS/ NTSC (interlaced?)

HDV 720-25p/ 1280X720/ 25 FPS/ (PAL) progressive scan

HDV 720-30p/ 1280X720/ 29.970/ FPS (NTSC)progressive scan


That's the defaults on a video editing program I have for HD



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