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  1. Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. Tim
  2. Hello, Does anyone have a guide or information on the settings for the Denoise Post Effect? I'd like to alter how my denoise looks on smaller renders. Any help is appreciated. Tim
  3. Ah! There's the answer! I'm on a Mac so I guess Ii' SOL on the HDR. No problem! I'm resourceful! Thanks!
  4. I'll try re-downloading the 15.0g. Maybe because I'm on a Mac? Perhaps I'm downloading the .hdr in an incorrect fashion? T
  5. Hello, I've been experimenting with Ambient Occlusion and notice that it takes a lot of time at higher sample rates. I'd like to render AO at a lower rate (15%-20%) and then use the "denoise" post-effect to smooth out the dithered look. I've attempted to find the definitive way to do this in the forums, but have only gotten spotty information. Can anyone lead me to a tutorial that shows how to render and SAVE images that have been processed by the "denoise" (or other) post effects? Thanks a lot! Tim
  6. I haven't been able to load any HDR Images. What does "-ing" mean?
  7. I'm using 15.0g. I'm not sure why I get that error, but I do. Anyone else have this problem?
  8. Sure! http://www.debevec.org/Probes/galileo_probe.hdr
  9. Hi, I've been looking around the forums for answers to my problem with the "Trouble Loading HDR" error, when I try to import an HDR as an image in v15.g. I saw a post in which Yves Poissant said that it is not an "HDR file format" one imports, but a "High Dynamic Range Data" image. Can anyone elaborate on this? Essentially, I want to import High Dynamic Range pictures like the "Galileo" and "Uffizi Gallery" images from the "Debevic" site to work with creating lighting environments for my models. Any help would be appreciated. Tim R.
  10. Hi! I'm good at a number of things in A:M. Materials is not one of them. Does anyone have access to a good Army-type camouflage material or have good instructions on how to create a convincing one using the Material plug-ins? There's an old post with a material that has "extended" .trb files, but when I put them in my plug-in folders, A:M says it can't load them. Any help would be appreciated. Tim
  11. Tim, I do this more often then not. My scenes tend to be complex. How you break it up depends on the scene. The most common way is to render background, mid-ground, foreground with the characters being in the mid-ground. I'll usually put the scene together in one project file then determine how many parts I'm going to have then save that project file to several files then start removing things. You must be careful of shadows crossing over more then one part. Actually you must be careful of many things. This of course uses alpha channels. A whole different way, which I've never tried is to take a black box with 1/4th of it cutaway and render the upper left, upper right and so on. Cheers, Rusty Ah, I see your ideas. You seem to imply that if there are either fewer parts to a render (it's split into background/midground/foreground) or entire blocks of the render are blacked out (perhaps with a black grid with sections cut out) then I can make the rendering easier on the processor/program and get what I'd need? Does the pixel count have anything do to with it? Tim
  12. Hi! That's exactly what it is. I went to a digital printing outfit and asked the manager what I could do to print out large images. We are talking 44 x 34 inches, here. He said I'd have to make a file that big and that the printing shop can handle a file that size. I'm interested in making fine art prints at a large scale such as that, so I'd like to find out my options for getting something that size that doesn't look *too* bad close up.
  13. Hi! In the ideal, I'd like to render a scene at 13200 x 10200 pixels, by my calculations, but A:M crashes when I set a render at that resolution. Is there a way to only render a portion of a size like this, and then piece the parts together in a program like Photoshop, later? I feel that if I try to move the camera and render only parts of a scene, the perspective would change for each section. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tim
  14. Excellent suggestions! Thank you all for your input. This will set me in the right direction! Regards! Tim
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