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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    Cold Bathroom

    From the album: Showcase

    This place is without embrace. The eerie stillness haunts those who enter.
  2. Guest

    Residential Lap Pool 2

    From the album: Showcase

    This is yet another architectural sketch of mine. Loosely inspired by my last one. I used the pool model from the last one as well. Radiosity for the light, 100,000 photons and 2,000 sample size.
  3. Guest

    Key chain

    From the album: Showcase

    A radiosity test.
  4. Guest

    Strange ideas

    From the album: Showcase

    radiosity test
  5. Guest

    Blue desk whit red chair

    From the album: Showcase

    radiosity test
  6. Guest

    Traditional Hallway

    From the album: Showcase

    This is for a Holiday card. The original concept was to emphasize a one point perspective. The lighting is radiosity with about 9 different lights. 100,000 photons cast. The star, color correction, vignette, and some of the grain were added in post with After FX.
  7. Playing with features I had overlooked in the past... I see in the Choreography that I can turn ON Radiosity. A quick forum search turned up nothing (been having bad luck with our search engine... google almost does better...) I remember back in the day Yves put TONS of time and information into this subject on the forum... is it still around? Has Radiosity improved with the newer versions of A:M as far as render times go? Is Radiosity an alternative to or does it work with A:M's lights... raytraced only? Is radiosity whats known in other apps as 'global illumination'? Now that I have NetRender maybe I can take a little more of a hit to my render times if it means more realistic renders...
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