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  1. Yeah... I was doing the same thing until I saw itsjustme's mondo quicktime tutorial which told me more about AM rigging in the first 30 seconds than I had known in the entire course of my corporeal existence. Thanks Itsjustme
  2. I'm not laughing. Until last month I was carting around version 9.5 (a good four years behind the times) P.S. May the board forgive my obliviousness but... what does TSM stand for?
  3. I'm sorry that I troubled the board with this question... I just found the answer. For some strange reason the only way I could get the finger animations to export properly was to translate the finger bones (in the Model Bone window) in the positve x direction until they were floating above the palm. (with palms facing foward) Now the animations look wierd in AM but they look fine in their exported form. Hurray for the inexplicable (yet ever so useful) solutiongs P.S. still... if anyone can explain to me why this works maybe I'll better understand what Im doing wrong.
  4. I'm trying to make computer game content with Animation Master via the AMXTEX exporter and I am running into some rigging/export isssues. I've been able to make IK kinematics, aim-at, and aim-at (w/ scale to reach ON) constraints work fine. I'm not sure if Eulers export. The problem is my fingers I'm using no constraints on them, and I've tried rigging them in the 2001 skelleton manner with the rollhandle being used exclusively to flexing the fingers. In the bone view, the initial rolls of each of the fingers is set to 0. Now for some reason, when I make an animation of the hand closing into a fist (for instance), the fingers will roll too far and consistently go into or through the palm in the exported version. I've also tried a string of bones (as opposed to the roll-handle reliant system) with and without eulers and it still wont export correctly Any tips from the rigging gurus about what constraints do and do not export correctly through AMXTEX would be greatly appreciated. More specifically, has anyone been able to export fingers correctly?
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