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    Assemble own PC with MSI K8N Neo4 socket 939 motherboard,AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3000+ 1,81 GHz, 1.00GB of RAM, Video Card,MSI RX1300 ATI Graphic Chip set 256 DDR TV out and DVI out, 240Gbyte of hard drive.

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  1. I first made three actions. I split the piece for Exercise 7 into three phrases. I imported Audio file made dope sheets and did adjustments I then added gestures with the audio and dope sheet in the action window. When I got them the way I liked it in the action window I dropped them in place in the chor on top of the Keekat character. The first two actions in the chor worked just like I predicted. I then droped from the A:M Library Resolute walk before the last action "Didn't think so". ( I did not need a path I just wanted it to wallk in place.) I first checked it in the action window to see if it worked with KeeKat. It did. However when I dropped it on top of Keekat in the Chor. Keekat spread its arm out and would not swing but the legs walked like they should. The last short cut action and Resolute walk before it became corrupted. The thing that made it go away was to put a chor action over the Resolute Walk with its first and last frame posed to where I wanted the arms to be. It worked but I did not want all those extra chor actions making things more complicated. Is that the nature of the Beast? Technodandy
  2. I will try, I made actions in the action window save it them then put it in them in the chor in sequence with transitions between without corrupting what came before or after. Some of these short cut to actions as they are called in the chor. window, worked just fine that but some did not. Technodandy
  3. Hi All, I had this problem I ultimately got it to work but is was not as straightforward as I thought. May be some one can explain. Here is the Thread. http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=29513 I originally thought if I put actions in the chor in sequence and in proper hierarchy each actions transition would be just a matter Blend/Add or Replace but some of the actions had to be covered with chor actions which I posed the first and and last key frame with and some others in the middle to get the original shortcut to actions to work. Can someone tell me why this is so. Technodandy
  4. Hi, I finished up to exercise 5 in "The Art of Animation Master" work book. I have been away from it for a while and I since upgraded to Ver 13 from 12. I see the forums are a little different than before. Can someone redirect me? Technodandy
  5. Hi, I have completed two more Exercises but they are not in order. I am up to exercise 6 but I did Exercise 9 and 14 out of curiosity and to answer some questions. Can I post them? Technodandy
  6. Hi all, I move this project to "WIP". http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showt...=20882&st=0 because this was out not the right topic for this room. Thanks for your comments. Technodandy P.S. It is Asbury Park Nancy.
  7. How is this done? This will save alot of scrolling time. Technodandy
  8. So I do not contribute to cluttering up your forum with questions I have resolved or are in the wrong location, is there a way I can delete or move my entire Post?
  9. I like to have the little orange page turn box so people can read the last post first. I see most of the posts have that. How can I assign one to my mine?
  10. Hi all I was decaling one day and my surface maps were stretching out funny on complex shapes. I remember when I worked with Polygons I had to creat UV maps that conformed to the shape of the object. Is there a way around that with A:M so I can place accurate textures on my A:M models? Is there a process for painting on a decal and keeping everything aligned? Technodandy
  11. Hmmmm, I did some of those tutorials aready but i did not know you could get credit for it. I can do them again and post them. What is the process for posting the finished images? How do I sign up? I like to sign up for ABC too. Will I have to pay for this service?
  12. Martin, Oh, I did not know that. Thanks for telling me. What is TaoA:M and ABC all about anyway? I thought New Users forum was just that for new users. The Students forum is easily perceived on the face of it. That why I never posted in that one. This being the case, could you redirect all my post in the new users forum to the appropriate forum. If you can not do it, Could you tell me how I can do it? Technodandy
  13. Thank you Triath for finding that info again. But back to the disappearing post. Do you have any idea why that is? The only thing I can think of is that I wrote the first post on another computer. Or maybe my home computer has different preference settings. Another funny thing is how my post got redirected from the New Users forum to the game forum. Strange indeed. I still can not find my other post even if I do a search. Technodany
  14. Hi All, I am sorry I have to ask this question again. I posted this earlier today and someone gave me some help but when I got home and checked my post it was missing I do not know why. So I have to ask this again. I have clicked, dragged and pasted Decals successfully on my AM models but in come cases my decals distort over complex shapes. How can I convert a AM model to an accurate UV map which I can paint or apply textures and reapply to my AM model without flaws? Is there a plug in for AM to make UV maps or is it already built in to the program? Technodandy
  15. I have been clicking and dragging Decals successfully, but I just noticed something I forgot about. For complex shapes I think I need to make UV maps. I have seen some of my textures stretch incorrect around some models. Can someone tell me what I need to do for this in AM?
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