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  1. This... seeems... to have worked.... YAY! Thanks a lot!
  2. Thats helpful... but..... The problem is, I already did that stuff... the roll aim bone and whatnot. It still flips! I'm not at home right now, I'm going to try the knee aim thing too later this evening, to see if that fixes it. i'll let you know... L
  3. Yo Before I get started, I'm gonna mention that I'm only on AM 2004. I'm trying to set up a bone system similar to thom's balance posing, in his legs. Simple mesh, simple bone system. If anyone knows Thom's leg setup, even better. Basically I have the basic thigh-down mesh controlling bones (thigh, calf, foot, etc), which I'm trying to add at foot/leg-controlling null to. The null is placed at the ankle, and I've added the same bones that Thom has: the thigh aim, knee rotator with rotation limits, and the thigh orientation bone that is supposed to keep the thigh stable and most importantly FACING FOWARD. The first of the three is constrained to aim at the foot controlling null, and the 2 others are it's children. The next move is to 'orient like' the thigh bone to the thigh orientation bone. If you check the Thom model, you can see how the heirarchy allows it to work. I have also kinematically chained the calf to the foot null as well, so that I can control the whole leg with just the null. **Phew!** Hope youre still with me. Now I try to move the null to control the leg, and it works fine, until I move it in a certain direction and the thigh bone does an immediate 180 degree flip. This has happened to me before, and usually results in my just completely forgetting about trying to constrain, but here I really want it to work. I figgured that having a 100% orient like constraint used at a different bone that doesnt move so much would stop this from happening, but it doesnt. My 'explanation' (but no solution, haha) is this. When the leg is lifted, the foot comes closer to the hip than it was before. Therefore the bones of the leg cannot stay straight, they naturally must bend. This is nothing new. What I dont understand is why the thigh chooses to solve the motion problem by reverting to the BACK instead of the natural foward motion? I'm going to attach my model so that you can hopefully get a better picture. Most of the setups on the model are tests right now, so no need to comment haha... I'm working from the legs up- that is, unless theyre hindering the leg movement java script:emoticon('', 'smid_14') Oh, in order to check out my problem, you might wanna take a look at the "Nuts and Bolts (basic stuff)" relationship, thats where I'm doing all of this work. As in the Thom model, I used a separate percentage relationship to constrain the hip (or in this case pelvic) null to move and balance the feet. I've tested it and it has no effect on the leg itself, as it was added after the leg problem started (to see if it'd fix it... no.) Thanks to anyone who can help!!! L Rig_with_simple_body.zip
  4. Hahahahahahaha You're totally right. No seriously, I was using smart skins... wow what a stupid mistake! Thanks a lot. L
  5. Hey y'all! SO I'm working on an extremely simple character rig, and i followed a tutorial for how to do shoulders without using smartskin (which works great, by the way). And I'm thinking that set-up is irrelevant, because this happens with a lot of my constraints- I open a smartskin simply so that I can apply a constraint to a bone (If theres another way to apply a constraint to a bone, PLEASE tell me!!) I constrain a non-related bone to another non-related bone to execute an 'orient like' constraint. Simple enough. I then set the enforcement to 50%, or 15% or whatever percent i FREAKIN feel like. All is well and dandy, it works fantastically in an action, chor, whatever. I repeat the process with several bones. -then- I Save. I Quit. I Sleep. I Wake up. I Decide to work on my character again. -but- NO! All of the constraints that were applied have reverted to 100%, are unchangable, and DONT HAVE AN EFFECT in an action or chor! Can anyone explain why this is? In order to get them to work, I have to delete them, and redo all of them. This, at this point, involves 12 bones, and in the future will probably involve about 30. Helps? (Sorry I cant find the tutorial, but if anyone knows, it's the shoulder tut where a group of 'shoulder ring' bones are constrained to a bicep bone...) Thanks, L
  6. Hey, So I'm wanting to make it so that when one bone is moved, say, up or down in the Y axis, another bone moves the same(or a relative) distance in the X or Z axes. Move like doesnt work, and I've evn tried reorienting the bone coupled with the percentages in each respective axis (if that makes ANY sense). Either way, I think this would make it terribly easy to make a model lean one way to fix balance when it lifts it's foot- constrain the head bone to move in the x axis when a foot is lifted, which will in effect 'lean' the whole model to the one side. Any ideas? I feel like i've gotten it to do every other thing under the sun except this one... hope thats followable... L
  7. Yeah, I think I messed up something with shadows due to the fact that I was using radiosity lighting, and so not all models had shadows... maybe the rose was one of them by accident? Or maybe I just didn't position it right! Haha thanks for the input, I'll double check.
  8. Haha thanks! Actually, since this was the 2002 version of the model, I've already fixed several of those things. So since then, I've covered the following: the fact that there is discoloration to the rear elevators, and I made the stabilizer larger. I like your input, though, about the size of the wings as well as the tips of the wings. However, what you DONT know about the vehicle (because I forgot to explain it), was that it has the capability to hover due to the various jets that are built into the surfaces of the aircraft on the bottom (and therefore arent visible from this angle). So I think, along with the fact that I already updated the landing gear to better looking skids, though I may yet try adding wheels, it will probably stay as is in that sense. I really liked the idea of changing the wing tips, though, and you're very correct that there is not actually a rotating stabilizer part in the stabilizer. I'll take your advice on that, maybe even bring the rear sides of the main wings in a bit. Also, the cockpit hasn't been messed with at all hardly, there is no seat; all there is is a makeshift dashboard with some computer console screens in it (thus the lack of SEEING a seat! ). But thanks for the input!! I really appreciate it. L
  9. Hey hey! It's awesome. For some reason I'm reminded of Pixar's flagship mascot, the lamp thingy. I was thinking though, as far as the exhaust pipe things go. I think what he meant was angle them, not at 90 degrees, but maybe at 30 or even less than that- sort of a triangular effect. They look, assuming theyre for propulsion, almost pointless (because 2 jets pushing towards each other with the same force will cancel to 0). It's up to you though, I think it looks AWESEOME! Keep up the good work.
  10. This is my Ship. This image was created in 2002 for the "blue" image contest, but I missed the deadline because I messed up the date in my head by a day. Bummer. But obviously it's an older version of the model (my computer is getting fixed up right now, I'll be able to post some better stuff in a few days), so it's definately come a long way. Let me know what you think (about the ship... the gun and rose were just for added effect, taking into account the name of the contest) OK so the current working/moving features on the ship are: -Landing gear w/ doors that open/close -Pop up weapon systems (it's a fighter, I'll explain what it's for later..) -Belly hatch opens/closes -Plates that slide back on the nose to reveal gadgets (lights, etc) -Color changing metal plating- this is my own take on what could be thought of as a cloaking system- or what I think the closest we'll ever come to having one. Instead of having light impossibly pass through the object, it changes colors to match the surroundings, making it harder to see (like a chameleon!) OK, so theres not many moving parts, but the current model is very much suped up. I put a paint job on it and removed the front vents to put a better looking one on the top between the turbines. I'll display that when I get my computer back. Lemme know whatcha think! -L
  11. Looks pretty. Keep it up man! Are you going to go for photorealism?
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