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  1. Okay, thank you . Since you guys made the exporter, how easy is it to export things to Torque?
  2. Yeah, I heard that particles eat up a lot of memory, and now that I think about it, something like pasting a bunch of fire particles to a campfire can often cause the computor to crash. OK, did you say that sprites are easier to export to games? Could someone show me some sprites they have made?
  3. Yeah, my standards are very high... "suck" was a bit harsh of me, what I mean is, the particle effects are acceptable, but they look dated and are nothing special to look at. I will see about showing you some of the stuff I have made.
  4. Torque seems to be the most popular game engine. OK, so I guess I will learn C++. Does anybody know of a good site for this? So here are some questions. Is the shader engine just a plugin, or is the game engine included? Are the graphics a bit dated? Or can I just use AM and the shader engine to work around that?
  5. Well, I suppose if I model the hair, I can make some really crazy hairdos!
  6. A 3D action RPG. So, I want to create nice looking magic spells. And I want to create interesting looking ones. The particle effects I have seen in game engines kinda suck, and I just wanna create spells want to see, not just some buzzy little dots whose only role is to link that pushing a button and with causing damage. And not just magic spells. There are some effects I want to create other effects, like weaponry motion lines. One character has wings made out of solidified rays of light, so I want her wings to shed tiny stars, to give an example.
  7. Ack. I was hoping that was not the case. Thank you for telling me. Well, I just need to find a decent particle engine. Does anybody know of a good game engine with particle effects?
  8. Ah, that is better news then I expected to hear! What is the difference between a sprite and a particle? Would a sprite just be a 2D picture of a feather, and a particle be a fully 3d modelled and textured feather? Well, its not just the actual image, it is well the effect. The game engines produce pretty basic controls, and I thought I could have better controls over what each particle/sprite did. It is also a special effects I want. I don't want Lazuli to drop some grainy circles on an enemy, I want her body to glow, a magic circle to appear beneth her, then she sprinkles the enemy with sparkling lights. OK, that sounds a bit over ambitious, but I want to create effects that look beautiful, not dated ones.
  9. Gah! Every time I try and find a particle engine, it is always crap somehow. The ones I have seen look dated, create crummy effects and only work for particular game engines. Is there anyway I can use the particles in AM for a game? Or is it completly impossible? Please help.
  10. Damn. So I have to model and texture hair? That kinda sucks. Thank you anyway.
  11. I am pretty happy. You see, I dowloaded this packet of awesome materials, since there are tons of things I really would find useful. There is green felt (Erina wears a lot of green) water (I thought since it is clear, I could use it for Lazuli's glasses, if I can shut off the distort effect) veins and muscle (since I want the characters to venture inside a giant monster, or just for zombies) I also found a plugin for creating velvet fuzz, which is a god send for me, now I can create fur for my characters. When I save up and buy AM, will you guys help me turn them into textures?
  12. Ouch..... Were they fully 3D or pre rendered? Could you show me an example of your work?
  13. Do you think it would be a good idea to create pre-rendered enviroments s in AM? That way I can make them very detailed, and some sections can be just a texture, but would look 3D.
  14. Ah, it seems a lot easier to understand now, thank you again RV. Goodnight... zzzzzzzzz
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