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    I O U ?

    I'm still waiting for a certificate as well
  2. Just to inform you I finished the the exercises from the art of A:M Book, which means I get another entry in the win a free upgrade sweepstakes. Thanks.
  3. Toss my name into the hat as well please.
  4. I don’t know if you’ve tried this before but forum member “Kricket” has a tutorial for rigging which has an FK/IK Solution for the arms the tutorial can be found either on his site (I don’t know how to post links sorry) or on the “Extra CD”.
  5. I have two questions Regarding what was mentioned of Hash doing a film, does Hash have any interest in hiring forum/list members to work on it and what kind of talents would they be looking for? Also in regard to the subject of the features in the next version of A:M (especially the cloth.) could we see some examples of what is in the works? Thank You
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