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  1. Is there any AM user that is, also; interested in game design and development using the Torque Game Engine. I would like to work with someone in this area of game design using AM and TGE.
  2. Does anyone know the proper bone and node implementation for modleing a flying vehicle in AM for use with the Obsidian game .DTS convertor for The Torque Game Engine. Thank you for any info.
  3. Your characters must be around 1 cm tall. This is somewhat dependent on the complete scene but 1cm is the scaling factor that is required to run Torque. This can cause some problems with actions. The characters must be rotated. Actions should be done after scaling and rotation. I use a Mac and have alot of probllems running Torque. If you are on a PC, things should be better. I am stuck wiht Torque as all my characters have been made using AM and I use a MAC. The worst of all worlds. If you do have more questions, I would be glad to help you any way I can.
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