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  1. mykyl

    Trial version

    Thank you. Done and installed. Thank you.
  2. I requested the trial a few days ago and have not heard anything back with the id number requested of me. Is there something else I need to do? Thank you.
  3. On Osx, drivers and any updates are all installed using Software update. This is found by clicking the apple symbol on the top left of your screen then choosing Software updates. If you open up the console while AM is running you might get a clue as to what may be causing the crashes from there. (Open up the spotlight search (top right of your screen has a magnifying glass) and type in console. Choose it from the list then work away with AM.) If it crashes or glitches then hopefully something in the console will give a clue as to the problem. Cheers Mike
  4. The save dialog issues may be related to a system prefs setting. Open System Preferences then go to Universal Access then finally make sure "enable access for assistive devices" is UNTICKED. I have a few graphics programs like 3d coat and zbrush and others that had issues with saving and weird crashes that were solved instantly by making sure that was not enabled. If it works for you folks, can I have a free copy of AM for helping you fix it. Another issue I had in other 3d apps was divx. If it was installed it caused no end of potential problems. Uninstall it and that should help stability as well in Osx. Cheers Mike R (A long time lurker) (Oh and ignore that it says my hardware is Windows. Been on macs for about 4 years now.)
  5. Rodney, Thanks for those links. Sorry for taking so long to reply but rest assured I have been keeping my eye on the Animation Master website while trying to scrape together the money to buy it. Thanks Mike R
  6. Thank you. Don't know how I missed that. Cheers Mike R
  7. Is there a current feature list for AM as well as a feature list for the coming version? Also when is the new version due? I now have all the time in the world to learn AM inside and out due to now being disabled and housebound most of the time so once I get the money together I want to get into AM fully. I like the changes I see in these forums now and in particular the massive amount of help directed towards new users. Cheers Mike R
  8. Is there a UK distributor now? I aks as more and more people are being charged crazy ammounts for software import duty from the states. e.g another app that costs the same cost another £70 ($124) just for import duty on top of the vat etc already paid. Cheers Mike R
  9. I just recieved a leaflet saying I can upgrade to the 2006 version for $99. If only. lol. Unfortuantely I was one of the stupid ones who wouldn't put the time or effort into learning a diffirent way of modelling. Something I have regretted ever since. I was one of those prize idiots who sent my copy back. I keep popping in by the forums just to see the amazing stuff that folks have done. So even though I am not a user I have been grabbed by the bug that refuses to leave me. lol. If and when I get fixed up by the docs and can go back to work, rest assured I will be an Animation Master user. Keep up the good work folks. Cheers Mike R
  10. ANy ideas how I can smooth out the legs and arms so they are more rounded? Cheers Mike R
  11. Gradually getting there. A learning experience. Cheers Mike R
  12. I think I finally worked out the secret to modelling in A:M. There is no way to model in A:M. Or to be more precise there is no ONE way to model in A:M. When I grasped that it finally hit me. I can do the characters I want to do. There are still some issues with this model but its becoming clearer now. (Is this post less whiney for you? eh eh . JOKING) Cheers Mike R
  13. Cheers for that. I never saw that one before. Having a look now. Cheers Mike R
  14. JavierP, Actually I chose the red type because I couldn't separate the quotes areas and I wanted to post in answer to each bit. Didn't mean anything by the colour. Sorry. Anyway one other thing about me is I never hold a grudge so no hard feelings. Thanks for the image. It does help in more ways than a model that is not specific to my needs. I do tend to want to run before I can walk. Currently I am not trying for any actual model as such other than making shapes and seeing how to build those shapes... With some frustrations. lol. I will get there just not as quickly as I would have liked. Cheers Mike R
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