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  1. Thanks! I'll update you after I have played with it a bit. Thanks!
  2. Wow! Great tute, Rob! Thanks a lot! NOW I'm torn between which is better for the project your mesh solution or Nancy's material solution! That's the "good type of problem" I like to have! Thanks!
  3. Nancy, Can I get a look at your project file? I can't seem to get the look that you have here. I need it for a 2 second shot in a film (I'm re-doing one of my old film school films). I can offer screen credit on the film...
  4. Hi Nancy, I really like what you've done. I'm going to try the pre-conditioner with no transparency/specularity! And take just a little off the top, please
  5. Wow!! All of this looks very good!! I think I'll try several of them! It's great to see how responsive the A:M community is! I've been using A"M since 1994 and version 4.0, but rarely do I post--thanks everyone!!
  6. Oh, sorry---here it is. It's those randomly frayed edges that i am trying to create. The hair strand is really just a succession of stacked cylinders with a small amount of z-depth (like thin rings). Thanks!
  7. It would be great if a wizard could generate CPs with random positions (controllable within the parameters of the wizard) that were attached to each other, but if that is not an option, I would try an option that simply gave me randomized CP positions that I can then stitch together with another cross-wise spline.
  8. Hi Folks, I am attempting to model a single strand of hair as if seen underneath a microscope in A:M 13.0. I found GREAT example of it done on 3D studio Max, but of course I can't simply import it. I can re-construct in it Hash very well UNTIL it comes to constructing the randomly frayed edges of the hair shaft (see attached). I tried modeling the multiple rings of ragged, jaggy CP placements by hand but it ended up being a tedious that yielded a result not even close to what I need. Is there a wizard/plug-in/technique that will allow me to create random control point position in the x-y-z plane in A:M? I've tried all of the wizards that ship with 13.0 with no success. Thanks, Jabbar
  9. Hi, guys, I just got hired to do a music video in which there is one shot where my main character reveals that she is an angel. I really liked to realistic/creepy feel of the wings that are attached to Shia LaBouf ("Chaz") and Tilda Swinton ("Gabriel") in CONSTANTINE. I know that this is a tall order and a large part of the solution will be great A:M work (v12). I need some tips from a modeller/aimator/texture perspective as far as how I can make the wings as "realistic" (and non-cartoony). I imagine shooting the needed shot against a greenscreen would be a great start. I am also concerned about getting a nice transluscent "feather texture", something that seems more complex than even photorealistic hair. Any tips? thanks in advance, jabbar
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