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    become familiar with the software again
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  1. This is intended more for the newbies out there to help you to get acquainted with the software. Yes, you can move on to modeling more organic pieces fairly quickly, but I would encourage you to take some time and really learn what is possible with the more "mechanical" forms. I'll be posting examples (pics and models) of each of these soon, but this is a list of models that are a combination of various shapes (squares, rectangles, circles, spheres, and so on) that, when put together, give you quite a bit that you can actually use in various projects. There are an endless variety of sizes and shape combinations. And, these can vary from realistic to cartoony. When modeling, I have found that the extrude, lathe, rotate, and scale tools along with mirror mode are extremely helpful. There are plenty of reference pics out there, so I encourage you to collect images to inspire you. Please feel free to share your own. 1. Headstones - . From the simple cross to markers that are much more elaborate. And this includes fencing, gates, crypts, and mausoleums. 2. Buildings - From simple village huts to tall skyscrapers, gothic to futuristic, these models will give you a better perspective on relative size. 3. Spaceships - From the simple flying saucer to more detailed large battlecruisers, small fighters, and immense cargo ships and space stations. These will also help with relative size. 4. Robots - from simple personal servants to industrial workers to assault droids. Walking on two legs, four legs, rolling on tank treads, wheel(s), or just hovering 5. Science Lab Equipment - From Steampunk to Mad Scientist to Futuristic. Test tubes, panels, switch plates, oscillators, generators, and more. And, not to be left out. 6. Nurnies (Greebles) - all those bits and bobs that appear on buildings, spaceships, and robots. Intake ducts, weapons systems, external lights, windows, panels, and more. I'm going to spend the next few weeks, creating a a bunch of each type to share with the community.
  2. Are you thinking of animating the dogfight?
  3. UPDATE: PROBLEM RESOLVED. Jason, Thanks for finally getting back to me. Replaced the lic file and everything seems to be working just fine.
  4. Is there another person taking care of customer support other than/in addition to Jason? I know that I'm supposed to contact Jason for this, and I have. He sent me an e-mail back, I sent him the required information. And, then.. nothing. Sent a few follow-ups that were never responded to. A month ago, I received a "wrong host for licence" message. I've lost ONE month of a 12 month subscription waiting for some help. I'm an old user, I go back to version 9. I would have logged in with my old account, but ran into a problem with that as well. Contacted support. Heard nothing back. I've never had a problem before, and I'm not not trying to cause a problem now. I really like working with Animation Master, that's why I came back. I'm just asking for some help!
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