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  1. Hello: I am rusty with texturing. I remember seeing a magnifying effect where I can make a magnifying glass handle AND circular lense and use something that when rendered will act as a magnifying lense effect. Anyone know of one?
  2. Thanks Rob: I took your advice on the page turning. i took it one step further. i put a vertical bone (up/down) and set teh manipulators to roll only, around z axis ONLY. Using the roll handle I can roll the book cover open/closed. Then use the arm-like rig on the page segments so I can bend the page. For the cover I used a modified 'fan bones' similar to old elbow rigging. EXCEPT roll like (%) on the one binding edge so rolling the book closed will roll the spline behind to some degree to keep smooth corners. I seperated the rig into: Front cover Back Cover Front padding
  3. Hello: I am trying to rig a book I designed. I am wondering if I should be building it from a closed form then use a pose slider/precent to get the book to open pivoting on bones. I know that if I hold teh book up like you do when reading it and put the bone up/down the book spine and associate front cover CPs I can then rotate in Z axi to 'close' the book. but then I get stuck with the binding AND when I close the book, the PADDING page overlaps and doesn't close on top of the padding page. The front padding can be removed but being a dictionary book with the word definitions I
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