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  1. Hello: I am rusty with texturing. I remember seeing a magnifying effect where I can make a magnifying glass handle AND circular lense and use something that when rendered will act as a magnifying lense effect. Anyone know of one?
  2. Jobe, Got it right. As for the knowing where the CP should connect in order should be easy enough to have the computer 'remember' what spline line was crossed first. then being on bird eye view of a cube as teh knife crosses one spline (intersects the point) to remember-mark it as first CP of teh cut. Then as the line intersects another spline, it will be remembered as 2nd point to connect to. Then as it intersects a third point, it can remember to add spline to That point next. I guess the reason for this tool, and speeding things up is I know I can take a somewhat complex series of intersecting splines and pressing 'y' to get into the exact middle, between two splines THEN to a, click, click, click till all are connected I can lets say 'X' then draw a line-intersecting and auto inserting a spline segment instead of all the add, click, click, click, click.
  3. You are welcome Imagine using these as pose rotoscopes (convert to image) and create pose/percentages then have a powerfully driven pose sliders.
  4. One feature if not already implemented is a KNIFE tool. Imagine a cube. 2 cp on the top left to top right in front view. *____* | | *------* (* is CP, __ is spline) Lets say you want to add control points and a spline down the middle. To do this you have to Add-lock and click everywhere you want to stitch a spline at an intersection of your choice. OR with the knife tool, click in the middle adn draw a line (or lasso type tool) and wherever the knife line mark interstects a CP, it will auto-stitch a spline. *__~__* | | *--~---* (~ is where knife tool intersects in a vertical line) *__*__* | } | *--*---* ( '}' is newly autostitched line) This would make my modeling dreams come true -Larry B
  5. Check out this interesting resource: http://www.cedarseed.com/fire/emotut.html Emotions 'tutorial' and how the face SHOULD appear when in certain moods. Rodney, you'll love this one! ..edit.. Wait, I found a lot more here: http://www.cedarseed.com/fire/tutorials.html
  6. Skype would work well. I don't suppose there is a collection of usernames for people in Skype. I think it is Skype that also offers a 'share my screen' which would enable a person (if they wanted) to give short 1 on 1 visual help. Don't know if there is a skype video recorder that can record the screen (and offer to share visual help/mini tutorials). As for the quick videos. They were my first attempt at something like that with limited resources. I gotta ge tthe old system setup and see if I kept the AVI format videos. I'm a little dissapointed with them. Too long, could have been edited down, etc. But it may be good for a dual monitor and follow along.
  7. Well, I'm not sure about the submit feature thing. Just know that when I am in an unproductive mode I can open pidgin and be 'available' to chat. My only real communication is with (extremely rare) forums. and A:M Chat. If implemented I would be able to chat with anyone that wants to as I will be able to see them online more often. Just like I don't keep Firefox open and logged into Facebook all the time for chat (and don't) I have been able to keep in better communication with those that log in on FB when I am logged into pidgin. So, if implemented, I can see people logged in and easier to keep in chat with others even when A:M is closed. Ever since a:m came out with chat I always thought how much more useful it would be if it were a stand-alone app instead of embedded within the production software. I have been able to catch up with Denbo, (still hunting Billy (wegg) down. I know where he hides but never catch him online. Other than that, that's about all. I'm not sure what happened to the video tutorial I did YEARS back but hope that it is still floating around and helpful. And about the not wanting to stir things up, I'm sure you remember some of the volatile topics that have come up in the past.
  8. Hello: I still use A:M occasionally and (yes, still) working on a project that will probably be more of a composite A:M and live action. ICQ, etc. I did find that Facebook has added support for XMPP Format (that Pidgin supports). So, loading a MSN Messenger type program I can keep people on my Facebook account as if they were on a friends list. Without starting anything (cause it is not my intent) is it possible to request A:M to look into implementing an XMPP Chat protocol so I can create a Hash account and keep in touch with other A:M Users better? Thanks -Larry B
  9. Thanks for sharing. Even for traditional animation it was pretty good. I'd love to see it in 3D
  10. Hello: Yes, it is me. It has been a while since checking in (and some may remember me). Anyways, I have come across an articl that may be handy to some here the site: http://www.jinxiboo.com/blog/2009/12/15/wh...read-signs.html Covers Body language (Head, Upper body , Lower body and Eyes) Just something i thought relevant an usable by some
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