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    Thanks for making these available. Charles Bandla
  2. Is it still possible to download a set of the TSM2 training videos anywhere? The link in the original thread only yields a 0 kb download. Charles Bandla Rochester, NY
  3. I appears that the download link is no longer good. I get a zero byte file every time I've tried downloading. Are these tutorials no longer Available? Charles Bandla
  4. Ok! So the smaller bone in the elbow is the fan. I looks like it's doing the same job as a flexor in M*y*. Thanks! Charles Bandla
  5. As I've been reading the posts in this section I keep running into the term "fan bones." I've searched the documentation included with A:M and the forum, but I haven't found a description of what it means. Can anyone enlighten me? Charles Bandla
  6. I've just started getting back into Animation:Master after a long absence and I've got a question about the way the various render modes display splines. In the wireframe view a 3 point spline looks nice and smoothly curved, but when I change to shaded & wireframe mode it looks like its made up of four straight line segments (2 between each control point.) When I recreate the "F" and "G" patch examples in Jeff Cantin's Basic Splinemanship tutorial the patch form looks like a six sided polygon rather than a curved spline. When I render it looks fine but the shaded mode display is very jagged. Is this normal display behavior or do I need to change something to get a display more like what I see in Jeff's images? Charles Bandla Dell Inspiron Laptop Windows XP with SP 3 NVidia GeForce 8400M GS video 2 GB Ram A:M v 15 Web Subscription EDIT: Nevermind... I just found the draw toolbar and the increase subdivision buttons.
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