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  1. If it works on one and not the other, video card drivers could be the culprit. Sometimes a new set of drivers won't work as well as an old set and you have to roll back to an older driver. Most times it's the other way around, but in your case, it looks like an older driver may be what you need. You could also try using DirectX instead of OpenGL in A:M. Hope that helps. You are right. It was the driver and DirectX works well. THANKS.
  2. I work with 2 PC's with XP and the same AM version. On my old PC AM works well with a rotoscope with avi or a bmp sequence, on the new PC it do'nt. When I look in the OpenGL option menu of AM I see for my old PC Version 1.5.4454, Vendor ATI Technologies, Renderer RADEON X300 x86/SSE2 and on my new PC Version 4.0.10055 Compatibility Profile Context, Vendor ATI Technologies, Renderer ASUS EAH5770 Series. Is that a possible cause ??
  3. I want to use a video as background in AM2005. When I use one picture (bpm) as rotoscope rendering will go fine but as soon I use more pictures as a sequence or an video avi file rendering gives an error and abort. In the past I had no errors in doing that. What may be the course of these errors now.
  4. All my new models are organized in maps and these maps can't be copied to the library pane, but the A:M Library Manager will do and works great. However I do'nt see the jpg images of these models in the library pane. Manual assigning all these images in the file properties costs a lot of time. How can I do that in one step.
  5. I will create a new model library (or use My library) and fill the library with all my new models. However I will not copy the models one by one but copy all the models as a total cluster into the library. How to do that.
  6. Oke, I thought that shadows on the ground also could be seen in the choreorgraphy window. What must I do when I want to see the shadow on a rotoscope background. Setting the Active parameter of the Ground to OFF does not help (no shadow at all).
  7. When I render my project, there is a shadow of my model on the ground but I want to set the shadow properly in the choreography window. I have done this before but I can't reproduce it. What are the parametersettings to do this.
  8. jannus850


    When I try to work with sound, AM 10.5 crashes every time. I have made a sound file (wav) and have put this file in the sound library. When I, according exercice 7 "Can you say that", select the dope sheet, type the sound text in the box and klick OK, the dictionary does his work properly and all boxes are grey. As soon as I drag the frame marker in the timeline window, AM crashes directly or after some dragging. WHAT MAY BE THE CAUSE ?
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