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  1. Hey Swtich to Shaded mode and then press "Page up" a few times. (Windows, not sure about Mac) "Page up" and "Page down" adjust that stuff....To say it quickly.
  2. Thx for the Link, I did check it out... I went ahead and bought PFHoe 2.0. I did a few tests and am really please with the software and it's exporting to A:M. I'm attaching a quick test that I'm quite happy with. I'm busy with a wedding video right now but soon I'll start a new post under WIP, to show you guys how it works with A:M. I'm quit excited at the possibilities. Track__test_003.mov
  3. Hey everyone. Quick question, has anyone used a software called PFHoe? ( http://www.thepixelfarm.co.uk/products/pro...D=43&Cart=1 ) It does motion tracking of 2D footage and exports camera data to Amation Master. I'm thinking of buying it and was wondering if anyone has used it before. Does it work? Thanks. Andy
  4. Thanks again guys. Your comments were greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks for your comments. I agree his movement is not top notch. I basically ran out of time. : ). I like the puppet better then the 3D Yoda and wanted to do an in-between version. This I think I did well from a modeling side but from an animation stand point,.. not so much. So, I wanted to get some other peoples opinion. Thanks again. I ran into something “interesting” while modeling this Yoda. As I was working from the reference I had gathered. I discovered that the real Yoda was different in almost every reference I had. In the original 3 movies there was like a million Yoda puppets.(even in the same movie) All slightly different. Even in the new 3 movie, the 3D Yoda changes. Not as often but big enough to make modeling a pain in the butt. It came down to me having to just simple choose which reference I would follow for each little part of him. Something I never expected to run into. : ) *attachment* -just a fun animation I put at the end of my Demoreel Little_Green_End2.mov
  6. Hi I am looking for peoples thought's, comments, on my Yoda model and animation. I going to rework this model and do new animations with him. (There was a light saber battle I never had the time to do. Any helpful comments would be greatly appreciated. Thx for your time. Little_Green_002.mov
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