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  1. Thanks Fuchur. It's good to know
  2. When I am using Wire frame mode of my model, edges of the model shown rounded (Please check the attached "Wireframe" pic). When I am using Shaded mode of my model, edges of the model shown sharp (Please check the attached "Shaded" pic). But I have seen from a tutorial that it does not happen with others. Just wondering if it is some set up problem. Can anyone please explain it to me?
  3. I had to start a new action from the begining. There it worked. I tried again on the old one, did not worked. I could not find any explanation!
  4. I am working on exercise 5 (take walk). I am in action window, created action upto frame 00:00:15. Now I went back to keyframe 00:00:00 then copied it, went to keyframe 00:00:20. Now trying to Paste Mirrored but it is not doing anything. Sometime it is creating a abstruct pose not exactly mirrored of 00:00:00. What could be the problem?
  5. I have "Mobile Intel® 945GM Express Chipset Family" as video card. I will update driver version and will check up again in my system. Currently I am working from other system where it is working. A lot of thanks to all of you for helping me out of this trouble. Now I am through exercise 1. Feeling better.
  6. I tried v14.0c in different computer and thanks god! Pose slider is working in that system. Now we are sure that there is problem with my system only. Somehow I have to make it working. Do you guys have any suggestion like what all things I should check and incase something is not updated in my system how can I get it updated? I have another question: A:M starts from the CD provided by Hash Inc even if install all data in local drive. Due to high usage the CD it can be damaged or accidentally it can be broken. In that case Hash Inc will provide me a duplicate copy or I have to purchase another copy?
  7. I do not have anything like Alcohol 120% or DAEMON Tools or Virtual CD installed in my system. Another try with v13.0t was not successful. How do I know that what version of driver I have for my vedio card? Next thing I am planning is installing it in other computer. That may tell me if there is problem with my system or the AM version I am using.
  8. Here is my answers for all your questions: 1. I did Help Menu > Reset Settings. No result. 2. My System information: OS: WIndows XP, Service Pack 2. AM Version: 14.0c I have OpenGL and Direct3D V8, [Tool][Options][Global] shows that I have OpenGL selected from the dropdown menu. Threads is 1. I tried selecting Direct3D that also did not worked. 3. I purchased the A:M copy from Hash Inc from online. That was V13.oi. When it did not worked with that version, I downloaded 14.0c from Hash Inc site. 4. It shows following Actors in the folder: Eddie, KeeKat, Knight, Rabbit, Shaggy, Thom, Eugene_201rig, harold, Lady Goodbody, SIR_NIGEL, Gala, RiggedTroll and Wookie. I tried to use pose slider with all of them. 5. The character on my CD box is a Gorilla and on The CD, it is the picture from TWO. Please let me know if I missed something that you guys asked.
  9. I did a clean reinstall of v13.0c. no positive result! Still not able to use pose slider
  10. I opened the PRJ file in A:M. It shows me the vase in choreography mode. It was not showing Pose Sliders window. I pressed Alt - 4 to open it. Pose sliders shows me 'Pose 1' with 100%. I am able to do right click on pose 1, it shows 'Time Based' is selected. But still I cannot drag the bar using left mouse button of pose 1 to change the value. I downloaded the version 14.0c from: http://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/updates/window...2007/AM2007.EXE
  11. It is really strange! I tried several times, started all over again with different actors, in different modes. It never worked! I brought this A:M version few days back, version is ~ 2006 version 13.0I.
  12. no! in bone mode also, it is not working!!!
  13. I tried to change the value on Dynamic Pose, which is currently showing as "-not set-"; it did not worked. I am attaching screen shot of my window. As you can see that, at top of the window it shows [Choreography2]. That makes sure I am in choreography window. On the tool bar megaphone is selected. My system is Windows XP, I am trying to hold the sliding bar using left mouse button and then trying to slide towards my right. I hope that is the way it should work!
  14. Today is my first day with A:M and I am stuck with exercise 1. I know you guys can help me out of this, here is my problem: I did exactly same as it says in exercise 1. Opend a choreography window, dragged actor Keekat to the window, opened Pose Slider window from [View] [Pose Sliders]. Now I can view all different poses inside the Pose Sliders window. I tried to drag sliding bar of Dynamic Pose, but nothing happening. I am not able to drag the bar of any of those poses. Please help me.
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