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    Intel Duo Core 6400 ATI Radeon x800 RX 256MB (nVidia 8800 GTX coming soon :P) 2x1024MB DDR II 667mHz Windows XP, (Vista Home Premium as soon as ATI can make drivers that work, no 3d acceleration atm)
  1. Hello you all, I may be jumping the gun once again after a few years of rest from AM but still.... A friend of mine asked me to join him to create a 3D Space simulator game and since he has no 3D animation or modeling skills at all, that's where i jump in. So I was wondering that if any of guys have any experience creating models for games, in this case spaceships, and exporting them to formats that my friend could use. I remember from years back that there was a DirectX export tool for AM(AMtex or something like that if remember right), anyone used it? Any suggestions and advice would be much appreciated also if anyone is interested in taking part of the project, I don't think my friend will mind This is still in the starting pit so nothing has been started yet, it's just in our minds. So any ideas for the game, ship style, sketches, anything is welcome Only thing we have kind of decided is that there will be a MAJOR difference in the ship classes and sizes. There will be small fighters, larger heavy bombers, carriers that you can dock with(a lot bigger), destroyer class, support platforms for the destroyers(help them in longer trips since they will be heavily armed ships, no major movement abilities), space stations, and for few races few BIG class ships that will make the destroyers and carriers look like flies So ANY help is really welcome! I will post some more and detailed info and concept art and size differences when I talk more with my friend since I'm atm mainly in charge of the modeling part only
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    Hello to all AM users Sort of not a newbie Had AM for 7 years now, tho i had a 5 year break so i guess i'm still a newbie, atleast again I had a sudden brain function that urged me to update my AM to 2006 version and now i have the time to start learning to use it again Hoping that i will get my current weird and whacky imagination to 3D form maybe in the near future Thanks for all of you that will be suffering from my unimaginable stupid question here in the forums and survive it without a nervousbreakdown Hope someday i will be able to help someone too So hello and prepare Name: Eero Laine Age: 22 Location: Helsinki, Finland Occupation: Student(Car Painter) Learn more of me by asking directly Cya! ---Edit--- Ps. Sorry for the smileys, just notice when i posted a lot...
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