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Your movie creation workflow?


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Since I'm diving into movie creation, I realize there's a process involved, beginning even before any 3D work is done. Concepting, etc. This is an area where I'm a bit unsure how to start.  I have stories in my head, but if I was to get them out in the scattershot way I tend to imagine them (thinking of different scenes at random, etc), no one would have any idea what's going on. It would be like Pulp Fiction edited by someone on hallucinogenics. I also have this tendency to constantly second-guess myself and doubt if I'm doing something correctly. I end up getting hung up worrying about it, and all my enthusiasm deflates. I think if I had a fairly solid idea of a workflow, an "order of operations" where I could focus on one given task at a time, that could help keep me on track and moving forward. Otherwise, my brain tends to jump all over the place because I don't know what's most important to be doing "now", if you get what I mean.

So, I was wondering if anyone here would like to share their general workflow? How they begin, etc?  

Also, if there are good resources people can point to, courses or what not, I'd love to check them out.


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