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Just to Make Sure I Have This Straight

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Just on a High Level, I wanted to make sure I knew what I am supposed to do in each window so I'm not trying the wrong thing in the wrong place.


I only have 3 actions, that I can think of, in my current short but they involve what are now 3 different models.


Mdl Window:

  • Place the CPs and Patches (Make the model)
  • Bones
  • Coloring?
  • Materials?

Act Window:

  • Make repeatable actions

Chor Window:

  • Place Models
  • Lights
  • Cameras
  • Add Sound
  • Effects?
  • Make non-repeated / non-cyclical movements


I have a mechanical contraption (model 1) that is firing a Bow (model 2). The arrow(s) (Model 3) will follow a path to wherever I aim the path at that time.



  1. Preparing to fire
  2. Fire and reload
  3. Finish and put the bow in its holder
  4. Flight of the arrow to target?

I will probably need to do some kind of 'fire-and-forget' thing where I can fire an arrow on a path, have the machine reload and fire at a new target before the 1st arrow makes it to its target. So I'm guessing the flight of the arrow will be it's own action that begins by orientating to the arrow that is being fired. (Clear as mud?)


I guess I'm just rambling now hoping something will stick...

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Very likely, the bow will be shooting a second arrow while the 1st arrow is still in the air. It will all depend on the timing.


Right now I'm guessing the fire > reload > fire will take approx. 30 frames or less. While the lofting arc path of the arrow may take up to 90 frames.

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